Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Review: Aromatherapy Associates Overnight Repair Mask

Disclosure:  this was a PR sample.

Having had a go with Aromatherapy Associates facial oil a while back, I was sent a sample of their Overnight Repair Mask to try.  It claims to tighten and smooth the skin, and to "restore moisture and encourage natural collagen production".  It's a cross between a face mask and a night cream, designed to be used two or three times a week; at a minimum, you leave it on for two hours, and for best results, you leave it on overnight.

As with all Aromatherapy Associates products, it smells rather delicious - if you're not fond of essential oils, this is likely to be a little too heady for you.  The scent, while quite deep and musky, is not overpowering, and is quite relaxing if you apply just before bed, as I've been doing.  The product itself is in the format of a reasonably thick cream, which despite its density is fairly easily absorbed into the skin, leaving a little bit of  residue.  That's not to say that the skin is left feeling greasy - the residue feels much like the slight slip you get after a facial oil application, which in itself makes this product rather nice if you fancy a spot of facial massage before you sleep.

I've been using this about twice a week for the past month or so, and I don't think it has really contributed much to the state of my skin (twice weekly is probably not enough for a product to have a profound effect, in my opinion).  It does, however, make a noticeable difference to the state of my skin the morning after I've used it.  My skin feels perfectly soft, and looks plumped up, healthy and smooth.  I think the key word is healthy - while this doesn't impart a particular glow, or have any easily describable effect, it makes my skin look like it's in good condition.

It follows, then, that this is a fantastic product to use if you're working late, not quite sleeping enough, suffering from dull skin, or in preparation for a special event.  Because the one product acts so effectively alone, I've tended to use it when I'm too tired to go through the whole serum, night cream, eye cream, massage regime.  It's also a bit of a gem for hungover skin - so long as I've taken my makeup off and used this after a merry evening, I wake up with skin that doesn't look lifeless, regardless of how lifeless I feel!

Now, here's the kicker - this is a very expensive little tube of goodness.  £43 for 50ml is a bit on the steep side for your average wallet, even though the amount of product used each time means that the one tube will probably last at least six months.  For me, this is too expensive to claim a permanent place in my skincare regime - but I expect I will definitely repurchase in November in preparation for my best friend's wedding and the Christmas/New Year party season.

If you'd like to try this for yourself, you can get it from the Aromatherapy Associates website, where it will cost you a slightly eye watering £43 for 50ml.

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