Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Quick Review: Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara

I recently received a sample of Armani's new mascara, Eyes To Kill, with a foundation purchase (more about that later), and I've found myself rationing it out as I know it's going to run out sooner rather than later!

The brush is a refreshing change from the weird and wonderful brushes that mascaras have been appearing with lately - it's tapered, deeply bristled, and long enough that I can cover all my lashes in two swipes; pretty traditional, all things considered.  The formula is lovely - it thickens and lengthens the lashes, and in combination with the deep bristles on the brush, manages to be completely non clumpy too.

Two coats gets you long, lush looking lashes with decent definition.  Another bonus is that the lashes feel pretty soft once the mascara has dried; there's no crispy crunchy feeling here.  It wears well too - no panda eyes after a full twelve hour day in the office.  While admittedly it's not as inky, sooty black as YSL's latest offering, it's a lot easier to remove, coming off cleanly and easily with an oil cleanser.  I'll definitely be buying a tube of this when I reach the end of my current mascara.

Armani's Eyes To Kill mascara costs £23 for 6.9ml, and you can grab it from online.


  1. We're picking this up tomorrow with the new face fabric blush - it looks incredible on you!


  2. Holy crap this looks great on you! I dont think I could ever bring myself to drop that much money for a full size though :O


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