Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Gobsmacked by Guerlain Autumn/Winter 2010 palettes

I've just seen these silvery Ecrin 6 Couleurs palettes on British Beauty Blogger and I'm completely, utterly smitten.

There are four variations - Vendorme (shown here), Sevres, Champs Elysee and Passy. Each contains six shadows in a narrow but contrasting spectrum of colours - browns, blues, monochromes, etc. The shadows are infused with moonstone, giving them a particular blue-silver iridesence (called adularescence - I had to look it up).

For a duochrome-junkie like me, that's enough to get the lemming-alarm sounding. But there's more - the lid of the metal palette is decorated with a cut-out design reminiscent of wrought iron. Ornate but also quite modern and biomorphic. It's like cut-up pieces of a fleur de lys rearranged in a flowing collage.

The holes in the lid aren't as impractical as they sound - a mirror, hinged from the side of the palette, lies under the lid and protects the shadows.

As you might expect, these command a fairly horrific price tag. I'm sure that by the time they're released I will have somehow justified the £51 they cost to myself.

Check out BBB's post on these palettes - she has more in-depth information than I do.


  1. Yes - it's Vendome I'm wanting most!

  2. What's their animal testing status these days, do you know?

  3. @LiseyDuck I've just been having a Google. Guerlain is part of LMVH, whose animal testing policy is here - http://www.kenzousa.com/MerchantUploads/edgeKenzoUSA/LVMHAnimalTesting-KenzoParfums.pdf

    Looks like they're another company who use a lot of words and don't actually say anything. I suspect that if they weren't animal testing they would say so. So I am suspicious! Thank you for prompting me to look into this.

  4. "Since 1989, Perfumes & Cosmetics companies of LVMH group do not perform any test
    on animals for the products they put on the market" Read.

    1. That means very little - the company could well be using ingredients tested on animals by third parties. Think.


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