Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Clarisonic Diaries: Two Weeks In

I've now been faithfully using my Clarisonic every morning and evening for two whole weeks, and it's time to review whether it's making any difference to my skin.  Again, while I can't see much visible improvement in the tone and evenness of my skin, I continue to be very impressed with the softness and smoothness of my skin overall.

One difference I am seeing this week is in the depth of my frown lines, which are a big concern for me.  They look much shallower, smoothed out, and to my eye less noticeable than before - although I'm unsure as to whether this is a direct result of the Clarisonic's sonic action, or a secondary result from the improved absorption of the anti-ageing No 7 skincare I am using (and have been using since before I started with the Clarisonic).

I'm still staggered by how much product my skin soaks up after using the Clarisonic.  This week I've applied plenty of facial oil and found that regardless of how much I apply, I generally wake up with smooth, non-greasy skin, as my face has absorbed all of the oil.  This is a marked difference from before, when I would wake to a greasy nose if I overapplied.

Anyway, read on after the jump to see this week's photos.

The breakouts I experienced in the first week have largely calmed down, although the reddish patches which I am usually left with post-spot are still present.  I'm not sure that my skin looks any better, but I guess comparisons are best left until the end of the full month!


  1. Thanks for the review! I'm thinking of getting either this one or the Dermanew one x

  2. Oh god i want one so so badly! One day i will have a pretty pink one :) I really like the fact that it helps your skin absorb more products, my face often has a horrible film of product over it.

  3. Thank you for your reviews. I also struggle with the red post-spot scars - what's the best thing to do to get rid of them? They're actually worse than the original spot I find!
    Thought perhaps vitamin E (antioxidant) and garlic (anti-inflammatory) supplements might help, and am about to start using bio oil as well...Anyone else got any tips?

  4. Lillian, I very much doubt you'd ever have a film of product again if you started using a Clarisonic!

    Brightonbelle, I think for me the red marks fade with exfoliation - and I think they wouldn't appear in the first place if I managed to stop myself messing with spots when they turn up! Aspirin masks really help with the marks too, I find!

  5. Thanks Gemma! Is an aspirin mask just powdered aspirin mixed with a little water?

  6. Yep - but make sure it's uncoated or it will never dissolve! Here's a link:



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