Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Clarisonic Diaries: Month's Up!

Wow.  One whole month has passed, and I have reached my goal of using my shiny Clarisonic twice a day and documenting my skin weekly to see if, indeed, it does make a difference.

My skin still feels soft, my product still soaks in, and I'm still getting the odd annoying spot.  As I said last week, I'm a little worried that my current skincare regime might be contributing to the spots - so I'm planning on going for another month of Clarisonic monitoring, to see whether a different set of products cancels out the spots.  If the spots stop, the Clarisonic isn't to blame.  If they don't... well, let's just say I'll be pretty annoyed.  Read on after the jump to see this week's photos, a lovely montage of the last month's photos, and some thoughts.  Before you do though, what's your opinion - do you want to see weekly photos for the next month, or shall I store them up and post at the end of the month?  Let us know in the comments.

Here we go then.

Apart from that horrible red spot upon my chin, I think my skin is looking a little clearer this week.  Now, let us look at the side-by-side comparisons for the month as a whole.  Remember that the bottom montage, which shows my left cheek, is missing one photo because I accidentally took a photo of the wrong side of my face one sleepy morning.

The last four weeks have not really altered how my skin looks in a life changing way.  My skin still looks pretty clear, and in reasonable health, apart from the odd spot.  If you view these photos full size, you can see in more detail, but to my eye, I think that my frown lines have reduced a little bit, and my forehead is looking a little smoother and less dehydrated.

The most noticeable thing for me is the reduction in scarring.  I usually find my spots turn into red scars which tend to hang around for about a month, but here, my spot scars have reduced to virtually nothing within a week.  A good example of this is the spot just above my mole on the cheek photo - within two weeks, it's completely gone, whereas before I'd have noticed that mark for a good month.

So, based on the last month, is the Clarisonic a revolutionary facial care tool?  From these photos, no.  My skin looks pretty good, but it looked okay to start with, and while the improvement in the time it takes to heal a scar is a good thing, it's not worth the £150 price to me.  If you suffer from scarring more than I do, you might feel differently though.

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that while these photos are certainly a good way of showing how the effect of the Clarisonic on my skin, they don't show you how my skin has improved in texture and softness.  Short of you coming up to me in the street and feeling my face (which I wouldn't mind, provided you introduced yourself first!), you can only take my word on the texture improvement.  I've become very attached to how clean it makes my skin feel, and the way that my products sink in so quickly, and for those reasons I will continue to use and maintain my Clarisonic, and will probably repurchase once it reaches the end of its life.

If, after this, you quite fancy a try of the Clarisonic yourself, you can get it from Space NK online.  Bear in mind that this link is an affiliate link, and that we'll get a small reward if you buy after visiting.


  1. Gemma,

    Thanks for your thorough review and for sharing with everyone. Hope you continue to enjoy the improved texture and softness of your skin and see more improvements as time goes on.

    Thanks again Gemma!
    The Clarisonic Team

  2. Thank you for the fab review! I'm still very undecided about this, i love the idea of it and the sound of the softening effect but £150 IS a HUGE investment from me. I don't think i'll be getting one unless i win the lottery or summat :P


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