Monday, 10 May 2010

Shamelessly Gushy Review: Le Metier De Beaute Lip Creme Lipgloss

Sarah and I recently attended a Le Metier De Beaute event at Liberty where we were introduced to a variety of the brand's very luxe products, in particular some of the new summer colours.  I, however, was distracted as always by the lip products.  Especially this beautifully sparkly, red lipgloss, which is a very similar hue to my hair.

I swatched it on my hand and was immediately impressed by the level of pigmentation - the Lip Creme Lipgloss is more of a liquid lipstick than a traditional sheer gloss.  The texture is smooth, creamy, velvety, very moist, and not at all sticky.  There's a lot of sparkle - in this particular shade, Framboise, it's a golden microglitter, which really shows up in direct light, but is more subtle under softer lighting conditions.

I decided to get my wallet out and buy myself one.  This is despite the PR lady offering to send me one in a few days if I emailed her - I was just so excited by the colour, the pigmentation and the texture that I just HAD to have one NOW.  Naturally, as soon as it was in my hands, I applied a full lipful and then went about the rest of my evening.

Now I've had a chance to wear the product for (several) full days, I'm even more in love with it than before.  It looks absolutely beautiful applied - it's the kind of red that isn't too in-your-face for work, but can be layered up a little or paired with a smoky eye for nighttime glam.  It leaves my lips feeling moisturised, it's incredibly light to wear, and it smells pretty, like almonds.

The best thing about this gloss, though, is the wear.  The wear is so impressive that some of my friends have commented on how well my lipstick has lasted during a day out.  Most days, I apply it just as I leave the house at 7.15 in the morning, and it only begins to look a little bit ragged at about 5pm.  That's a staggering amount of longevity for a gloss.  While it does lose some of the shine throughout the day, the pigment remains, softening down into a pretty stained flush on the lips.  It also wears completely evenly - I've not had any of the ring-of-death (Sarah's phrase) of pigment around the outside of my lips with a faded middle. 

I love this product.  I really, really love this product.  So much so that I suspect I will be popping into Liberty to buy all of the other colours.  Yes, at £22 it's expensive for a lipgloss, but it's worth it for the beautiful colour, the comfortable texture, and that extraordinarily good longevity.

If you'd like to try Le Metier de Beaute Lip Creme Lipgloss for yourself, you can buy it from Liberty for £22.  The website has a few colours, but sadly not this one, which is Framboise.


  1. I have the Framboise too but it doesn't smell like almond, it smells like raspberry candy. Never the less, I LOVE these. I have now 5 of them, in different colours and I don't want to use any other! :o)

  2. Strange - I just went and smelled mine again and it definitely smells almond-y to me, like almond cake, as opposed to raspberry candy. Different noses I spose!

  3. OMG I recommended this to my girlfriend (who is a major lipgloss whore, unlike me) and she bought a peachy one with golden sheen... and she let me try it, and HOMG This is the FIRST TIME I actually want to go out there and OWN this lipgloss! (I usually hate glosses cos they're sticky/ slimy/ drying/ not longwearing etc). Even despite the £22 price tag! Looking forward to a jaunt to Liberty!


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