Friday, 21 May 2010

Review - Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent

Disclosure - PR sample

We were contacted recently with news about the iconic Touche Eclat, YSL's famous clicky golden highlighting pen. Touche Eclat has been around for years and is of course massively famous, and that's not news. The news is that Touche Eclat has gone a bit 2.0, with a dedicated website, Facebook page, downloadable content and Twitter account. You can view the making of the new TV ad via these channels too.

We were also sent some of the pens themselves to have a play with. At £24.00, Touche Eclat is not as hideously expensive as some of the high end items I've purchased. But it's always been something I've seen as unattainably "grown up" makeup, so it was quite interesting to meet it up close.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Touche Eclat is how it's intended to be used. Despite being the UK's number 1 luxury beauty product (according to YSL - I don't have the source or figures) it's surprising how many people find it puzzling and frustrating - because they are using it as a concealer.

It is *clears throat, lifts megaphone* NOT A CONCEALER.

It's a highlighter. Despite lacking the usual highlighter characteristics of shimmeryness, paleness and liquid/powder/cream format, Touche Eclat is primarily a reflective substance that you apply strategically to areas of your face that are shadowed, in order to brighten them up. "Light falls in love with the skin" says the delightfully overblown YSL marketing copy. That's basically it. The reflective substances in Touche Eclat cause light to bounce off the skin in a way that makes it look fresher, smoother and more youthful. It will work to some extent on under-eye shadows because of this, but it's not a "coverage" product.

It is light and creamy in texture, and does contain mineral oil (so watch out, those with an aversion to the substance), which means that it blends well even over dry skin. I wouldn't want to put it over a silicon-heavy foundation for fear of pilling, but on my bare skin it applies very well. I feel that it "wakes up" my eyes in particular, and have found it very satisfying to dot on and blend out anywhere my face looks lacklustre.

The packaging is well designed. The black bit on the end of the tube is a button that you press to dispense product, which is pumped out through the brush applicator. The lid clicks on securely. I'm not mad about the gold finish (I'm not a fan of gold in general) but if it were brushed metal or black I'd be full of praise.

Rummaging around online, I found this handy video which illustrates the various parts of the face that can benefit from Touche Eclat. NB it's all in French, but pretty self-explanatory.

NB: YSL (L'Oreal) is not currently a cruelty-free brand


  1. OMG there are so many of us out there who believe(d) it to be a concealer. When I went to the Yves Saint Laurent counter in my home town at first that is how it was described to me and so when the lady put it on as one I told her I wasn't buying it because it made no difference!!

    It's only since having it given to me as a present that I realised its a highlighter and a good one at that, and that I can wear it under the eyes on top of concealer with good results!!

    Sorry for the essay but I had to share haha!

    Giddy Princess xx

  2. Me and a friend at work have literally just this min given one to another friend at work, but she doesn't get the concept at of highlighting at all so says she'll just use it as a concealer. Grr.

  3. I did a blog post on this about how you've been sold it in the past and most of the commenters said they'd been sold it as a concealer but learnt to use it as a highlighter. I think if you're darker skinned then even the darker tones shouldn't be used as a concealer whereas if you're fairer, you can get away with it.

    I have JUST chucked mine in the bin as it started to smell funny and I still chanced it and used made my eye itch terribly so that's a cautionary tale for people!

    Also, I personally don't think that it IS well packaged, considering it's a clicky top and you have to make sure it's on properly to stop it drying it, I find myself either standing it on its head to close it or pushing the tab at the bottom which dispenses extra product.

  4. Touche Eclat is one of those subtle products that doesn't seem to be doing much until you've run out of it, and then you realize how much it's been doing. I find it works best for me as an eye brightener/primer under concealer. It gives a smooth finish and an extra boost to whatever concealer I'm using.

  5. @Bittersweetkindanew I was the same way! I thought it was a concealer, or that by calling it a "highlighter" YSL were just trying to be a bit different. But that is what it is. Sounds like a lot of mis-educated counter staff out there too - YSL should run a course for them in addition to this new media campaign.

    @Primp and Preen pearls before, er, colleagues? ;) Show her the video!

    @Rhamnousia can we see a link to your post? Actually you know what, I found it myself -
    Rhamnousia's Touche Eclat Post.
    Good point about the packaging. I found during my testing period that holding the barrel and smacking the top on with the palm of my other hand was sufficient, but it's true that you could easily press the other end and dispense those valuable mls of product into the ether.

    Good call on throwing it out when it went a bit funky. The brush is a bit of a bacteria haven, isn't it? YSL do recommend cleaning the brush every so often, but I wonder how many people actually do?

  6. i love love love this product! It really bugs me when people say it is pants because they are using it for the wrong purpose!!
    I've been using it for the past 5 years and each one lasts around 4 months...never had a problem with it drying out or going bad.
    Great review.

  7. I really like the look of the packaging (unlike you i love the gold) but there are so many dupes of this for cheaper. Personally i love the Collection 2000 one.

  8. I got this as a present last year and absolutely loved it, personally I wouldn't pay £24 for it though. I bought a No7 dupe of it for about £12 but its totally useless! sells Touche Eclat for about £17 so I'm going to gt some from there soon.

  9. I'm glad you said it, it shits me when people use it as a concealer! :|


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