Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Review - Melvita Naturalift

Disclosure - PR sample

First things first - this product is great. It's not great because it's ECO-Cert accredited, or because it's cruelty free, or because it's infused with active naturals (although all those things are good).

It's good because it is an absolute pleasure to use. I added this moisturiser to my daily routine after receiving it from Melvita PR a few weeks back. It has plenty of competition on my dressing table, but it is one of the few things I reach for daily.

There are a few aspects to its awesomeness; one is the smooth, clean-looking packaging and the satisfying ergonomic pump, which dispenses just the right amount of product per push. Another is the gentle, uplifting scent (oaty-herbaceous, with a slight floral hint). Maybe the best thing of all is the texture - this is the only anti-aging-type moisturiser I've used that is light enough to sink straight in without greasy residue. It hydrates more or less instantly, leaving behind nothing but softness and that lovely gentle scent.

I'm getting to an age (28) where I'm starting to think about anti-aging skincare, and it's good to know that Naturalift is working on keeping the wrinkles at bay. Honestly though, I'd buy it even if it had no such properties. Simply put, I just like it.

If I have a complaint, it's the lack of SPF, although I suppose that would interfere with Melvita's commitment to organic. Other than that, pretty much my perfect moisturiser. £30 for 50ml from Melvita.

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  1. Melvita's the #1 organic brand is France but it isn't so popular in the UK. If you'd like to try one their products for the first time, they're a few full size samples available at


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