Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Review - Jo Hansford Anti-Frizz shampoo & conditioner

Disclosure - PR sample

Jo Hansford's famed hair-colour expertise makes her a natural choice for a celeb haircare range. 

This one's a cut above (owww, I'm going to pun hell, aren't I?) most in terms of how it's pitched - the shampoo is £14.50 for 250ml and the conditioner £16.50 for 250ml, and the range is found in Harvey Nichols. Definitely one for the discerning shopper with a sizeable budget.

What makes them special? Well, apparently "the Anti-Frizz duo combine the repairing properties of ethically harvested Castanha do Brasil from the Amazon, with Sunflower Extract which extends the life of colour. Keratin boosts the hairs strength, improving its protein structure and protecting the hair from further external damage, while UV filters protect against sun damage." (from press release)

The colour-care aspect will be a driving factor for many, as this is JH's whole area. As my hair isn't coloured, I can't comment on how effective the products are in this regard. I applaud the multi-tasking approach though. The ethical considerations are also a welcome aspect. Slightly surprised to see SLS in the ingredient list of a colour-caring product, but I'm sure Jo knows what she is doing.

In practice, both products get high marks. The packaging is neutral and sophisticated, and although having screw tops rather than flip caps makes opening slightly more time-consuming, it's classier somehow - less utilitarian. There's a lovely satsuma-grapefruit medley going on scent-wise ("green jelly" is how my boyfriend, who has also tried them out, describes it), with a slightly baffling undertone of Marmite. Nice, though.

I found that after using both products, and the conditioner especially, there was a noticeable "coated" feeling on my hair. The conditioner doesn't create the usual slippy streaming effect on rinsing. Instead it clings to the hair with a kind of waxy, squeaky after-effect. Despite this, hair stays easy to brush and style, and feels definitely clean.

On air-dried, curly hair, I'm afraid I was still getting frizz  - but I think that's only because I skipped on my usual serum and curl-styling products when testing these. It isn't a *lot* of frizz, and the curls are quite well defined. On other occasions when I blow-dried smooth, the effect was very soft and shiny with lots of movement.

One warning - after a couple of weeks straight of using these products, I did need to strip the build-up out of my hair with a clarifying shampoo. 

Verdict - nice products for a luxurious treat, but honestly not ones I'd buy repeatedly (unless I won the lottery), mostly owing to cost per ml.

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