Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lush "Grass" shower gel - evocative, but not in the way they intended...

I love Lush shower gels. My favourites are The Olive Branch and Tramp, and I'm partial to several of the others too. And though I find the sales patter a bit claustrophobic and the soapy smell a bit overpowering, I do like to visit Lush to keep stocked up on these and check on what's new in store.

In a minor "splurge" moment yesterday (following some good news) I picked up the new shower gel, "Grass". It contains neroli and bergamot (citrusy goodness, sounding promising) and wheatgrass (reputed to be nourishing), as well as the new "Ninja" fragrance. (I have no idea what that is, I just read it on the Lush website.) As I was feeling exuberant, I purchased the medium-sized 250g bottle, which costs £8.75.

It smelled pleasant in the shop, but honestly, who can smell anything properly inside a branch of Lush?

The acid test came when I actually applied it in the shower... and was transported in memory back to childhood summers, running in from the garden with filthy hands, or helping my dad in his garage workshop. Happy memories... of my dad taking my grubby little kid-hands and cleaning them with Swarfega.

Yep - whatever nourishing mix of unguents Lush has added to Grass has created a scent that my olfactory system interprets as virtually identical to the popular industrial hand-cleaner.

Of course, Swarfega is also green and gets you clean. But I don't think that was the association Lush was going for.

I'm mostly just amused by this. I don't mind using up my Swarfega shower gel - as I say, it brings back happy memories. Will I repurchase? Probably not... the original is much much cheaper.


  1. Well again, my review of this is scheduled to go up tomorrow morning and you'll see I think completely differently!

  2. Aha! I look forward to reading it very much!

  3. I was excited when i first heard this because i love the smell of cut glass and i thought this might be like that.. But swarfega? Wow!

  4. Lillian, there is certainly a grass smell in there, it's just my personal reaction was to immediately think "Swarfega!". Read Charlotte's review too (poster above) for another perspective.

  5. I'm now imagining you showering with Swarfega. My dad had an off-brand version called Fast Orangem in an orange pot.

  6. Hi,
    Just thought I'd let you know that Tramp is being discontinued very very soon. I work at the Solihull branch and I don't think we're able to order it any more so I'd definitely run and go get it if your local has any more left. I'm gutted it's going :( Grass is supposed to be it's replacement with a fresher feel, but it's no Tramp :(


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