Wednesday, 12 May 2010

LBR on Facebook: We're staking out some new social media territory

We've just started up a Facebook page.

Why do we need another page? Well, it means you'll be able to get your LBR hit via Facebook if that's your preferred medium. You'll be able to see all our posts there as they are published, plus extra waffling from us in the form of status updates. There's also the opportunity to leave comments for us and other readers, all in one easily-visible place.

Outside of the blog itself, LBR has been mainly Twitter-based until now, and we've decided to branch out a bit. Twitter's often more about bloggers talking to one another than talking to readers, and maybe Facebook can provide another kind of dialogue. Or maybe it'll just be a place to cast your eye over our recent posts to see if any catch your interest. Or maybe not. It's sort of an experiment.

Here's our Facebook page - please feel free to "like", comment, or use it to get in touch with us.

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