Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Yet more NYX Lipstick swatches

Another Cherry Culture sale, another London Beauty Review NYX haul... here are six new Round Lipsticks modelled by moi.

Hades (517) - not a very fitting name for this mild-mannered neutral beige.

Fig (640) - a cheery creme pink.

Twist (663) - a punchy red-coral shimmer, very wearable.

NYX (507) Flagship shade? Deep orange shimmer, instant favourite.

Electra (513) Another of these bright cool-toned reds that NYX seem to favour

Chaos (511) An almost psychotically well-pigmented red with fuchsia overtones. Kaboom!


  1. Loving Chaos and Electra... may be tempted out of my comfort zone of pale shades!

  2. Lving electra! I'm in love with NYX round lipsticks! Thery're so creamy! =)
    thanks for swatching them for us! ^_^


  3. Ooooh they all look gorgeous! I need more!


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