Monday, 26 April 2010

Treatment Review: Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Facial

A few weeks back, I spent a Wahanda mobdeal voucher at Nougat Spa, Notting Hill.  I've already reviewed the salon itself, and I think the microdermabrasion facial I had was definitely worth reviewing on its own.  So here we go!

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion promises instant visible results, with improvements in fine lines, blackheads, scarring, enlarged pores and more.  The therapist uses a special machine, which combines a flow of fine crystals with a vacuum to get rid of the dead skin, while giving facial muscles a bit of a work out. 

I was initially quite worried about the probability of my skin reacting badly to this treatment, I admit.  Microdermabrasion is quite a harsh process, and can inflame sensitive skin, and although mine is not particularly sensitive, I was concerned about ending up with red, irritated skin - not to mention the possibility of pain!  The therapist explained that she'd never actually seen anyone have a bad reaction to the process, and gave me a short demonstration on my hand so that I could see what it felt like before she tackled my face.  And indeed; it wasn't painful - I could mostly feel the suction of the vacuum, with a slightly tickly undertone.

My foundation was removed, but rather surprisingly my eye and lip makeup were left intact, as the treatment isn't suitable for the fine skin around eyes and lips.  For about half an hour, the therapist methodically moved a wand over my face, and while my skin did feel tingly, it didn't feel inflamed or painful.  After the initial pass, she concentrated on areas which needed a little more attention, in particular some uneven bumps on my forehead, and some congestion on my nose (lovely). 

After this, she mixed and applied a thick, heavy masque, which was optional to the treatment, but highly recommended.  By this stage, my face was a little bit pink and feeling slightly warm, so the coolness of the masque came as quite a shock - but it effectively cooled and calmed my skin.  Whilst it was left on to do its work, the therapist gave me a lovely arm and shoulder massage, and I fell asleep (and started snoring).  I woke up as the masque was being peeled off and was shown my face in a mirror - and was pleased to find that there was no residual redness or irritation; my skin was a little bit more pink than usual, but otherwise just looked well scrubbed.  I was even shown the waste crystals, which were interspersed with grey flecks (dead skin cells) and black dots (blackheads).

Immediately after the treatment I noticed a big improvement in the smoothness of my skin.  It felt much like it does after I've applied a silicone based primer; very silky, ultra smooth, and quite firm.  I was advised to avoid the sun, makeup, exercise and my regular skincare regime for the next 24 hours, as my skin would be a bit sensitive, and rather charmingly I was given a few Crystal Clear skincare samples to use in place of my usual products - I'm not sure I could have gone 24 hours without moisturising! 

A day or two later and my skin looked glowy, incredibly clear, and very smooth.  I noticed that some of my scarring seemed reduced, and that the fine lines on my forehead were a little blurred.  For me, though, the improvement in clarity and evenness was the boon - I even went foundationless a few times in the following week, which is something I very rarely do.

In short: the Crystal Clear microdermabrasion facial is effective, not painful, and delivers definite results.  But if you like your facials relaxing, it's not going to do much for you - the process is geared more towards results than to a relaxing experience.  I'll definitely be having another in the future - and I can see this becoming a go-to treatment a week before a special occasion.  Highly recommended!

If you'd like to try a Crystal Clear microdermabrasion facial for yourself, you can find salons by getting in touch with Crystal Clear via their website.  My treatment cost £60 for the microdermabrasion facial with lifting masque and lasted for an hour.

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  1. Wow! I got this done today and I am quite happy with the results too...lets see what my husband has to say when he comes home in the evening :)


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