Thursday, 8 April 2010

Review: Soap and Glory Glow Getter

Disclosure:  This product was sent to us by PR for consideration.

Soap and Glory's Glow Getter is a bronzing powder spray product; you spray it onto your body (or face), blend the powder in so that it's even, and you get a "special airbrush finish" which is "amazingly authentic".  Ultimately, it's a tanning product.  And I am terrified of tanning products.  My skin is pale, pale to the extent of having a blue tinge and the ability to see the network of veins quite clearly through it.  So anything that's designed to bronze generally looks unnatural on me.  But in the interests of scientific research, I put aside my fears and bravely battled on.  Read on after the cut to see how I got on (and I warn you, there are photos of pasty legs ahead.  Sorry).

The instructions state that to get an authentically golden finish, you simply shake the can well, hold 20cm from the skin, and spray the powder on evenly.  As I quickly discovered, it's much easier to get an evenish distribution if you spritz the product in short bursts rather than spray.  This rather fetching spotted look was the result of my attempt at spraying.  Alarming eh?

Once you've achieved a light coating of the powder, a few passes over with your hands is really all you need to get an even and fairly natural looking bronzed effect.  To be totally honest, I was prepared to hate this product - probably something to do with the fact that every single tanning product I've ever tried has made me look orange.  I've been pleasantly surprised to find that this product doesn't look at all orange once blended.

The comparison photo on the left here shows a pretty light coating of the product once blended into the skin.  As you can see, it's not a massive difference, and just serves really to take some of the blue tinge off of my pasty legs.  If you're looking for a deeper tan effect, you might need to layer the product up to get a more noticeable difference - in essence though, I think this product is geared more towards a subtle glow rather than a full on tan.

It washes off easily with body wash and water (or with cleanser on the face), and while your hands do become slightly overbrown after application it's easy enough to sort out, which is a definite bonus over the normal fake tanning process.  Although I found that the powder didn't really seem to transfer off the skin very easily, I'd be hesitant to wear it with white.

All in all, I'd heartily recommend this if you're looking to take the edge off your post-winter skin for the summer, or if you're looking for a gentle glow.  For tan-o-phobics like me, this is a great way of getting a little bit of colour without the risk of accidentally going overboard, as it simply washes off.  I'll definitely be using this on my legs this summer.

If you'd like to try it for yourself, it's available at at £10 for 100ml.



Ola said...

Oh... you made me really want this now. I did actually hold it in my hand the last time I was in Boots, ready to pop it in the basket, then decided to pass (as I am a good girl and treat my project No Buy very seriously. Khem...)

I think I will cave soon, as the sun is slowly starting to peep out of the clouds over London - YAY!!!

Nicole said...

I'm also pretty pale and leary of tanning products, but I may have to give this one a try! Thanks for the review!

Gemma said...

Thanks for your comments girls! Definitely recommend this, even if you're scared of the tan like I am. It's very easily buildable :)

Anne-Marie said...

looks great - my legs are quite illuminous too and can never get tan to go on without streaking so something like this might actually work for me!

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