Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Review: Aromatherapy Associates Nourishing Face Oil

Disclosure: This product was sent for consideration by PR.

I love a good facial oil, me.  There's nothing quite as luxurious as massaging a few drops of oil into your skin in the evening, and waking up to well moisturised soft skin.  This oil, which is of the "nourishing" variety and contains rose and sandalwood oils, fulfils all of my facial oil needs - it's luxe, it smells nice, and it's a very effective night time moisturiser.

First off - the bottle is tiny.  Really tiny.  You get a mere 15ml for £35, so it's definitely a luxury purchase.  That said, you need a really tiny amount of this oil to cover the face, as it is very spreadable.  In the past, I've used oils which I've had to apply to a damp face to enable them to be distributed evenly over the skin due to their inherantly heavy and oily nature.  This, however, is somehow light, and is easy to smooth over the skin without dragging, even over freshly scrubbed thirsty skin.  Because a little goes a long way, the bottle I've been using for the past 3 weeks is still about 85% full.

If rose isn't your thing, then this product is likely to turn you off - the scent is fairly deep and strong, and is heady with rose.  I personally love it, but I can understand that it might prove to be too much for some people.  I've mostly been applying it at night, and find that the scent fades within an hour of application (although I'm usually asleep by then).  When I wake, all of the oil has been absorbed into my skin, and my skin feels beautifully soft and plump, although if I apply too much, I find that sometimes my nose can be a little greasy and shiny in the morning.

And the long term results?  I've been using this product for a good three weeks now, and while it's not made a massive visible difference to the state of my skin, it does keep my skin well moisturised and supple.  I've not had any dry, flaky patches since I started using it.  As part of a good regime, it will definitely help to keep dry skin adequately hydrated. 

I'm sure I'll keep using this lovely oil until it runs out, but I'm not sure I'm blown away enough to repurchase, although I suspect that this could be one of those products that's a background essential you only appreciate when you run out!  If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can get it from SpaceNK or from Aromatherapy Associates online for £35.  Note that the SpaceNK link is an affiliate link; if you buy, we get a small commission on your purchase.

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