Saturday, 24 April 2010

Red eyeliner - surprisingly wearable

Here's an EOTD with my newest "adventurous" makeup purchase - Eyeliner Gel from Inglot in shade 79 - aka bright, pillarbox red.

I fell in love with this pretty much on sight. I didn't know if I'd be able to wear it but it didn't matter - the idea of a red gel liner had me sold straight away.

As it turns out, this stuff is great. It has a smooth, creamy formula and is no fuss to apply. It also dries down to an unbudgeable finish. The box describes it as "matte" but I actually found that it had a slightly shiny finish once dry.

I've DIY'd red liner in the past using red eyeshadow and various mixing media, but I feel that the itch is now well and truly scratched with this product.

One small complaint - the product seems to have dried out and cracked a bit in storage, as the picture above shows. I understand that these probably don't sell very often so the stock won't move very quickly. But Inglot, how about designing some decent air-tight packaging for your gel products?

Price was £8, bought from the Inglot store, Westfield, London. I don't have details of an online stockist for this brand, but I'll update this information if I discover any.

More pics below the cut.


  1. OMG WANT. I never thought of using a red gel liner as anything but an eyeshadow base, but this is ridiculously pretty.

  2. It is a Polish brand - more info at

  3. i really like this colour on you. i imagine it would look fabulous on black skin too. oooohhh tempting!!!

  4. I love red eyeliner, i have a pencil one but this is amazing. When i finally get myself to the Inglot shop i'll have to check it out! It looks gorgeous on you.

  5. omg i LOVE IT!!!!! i didn't think i would and i totally do! what's it like at the inglot store? i would need to drag someone with me because i never quite trust the SA to not force me a product that actually looks not good on and i just can't tell the difference. i'm really paranoid about it!


  6. @dailypolish The Inglot store is OK. The SA's are a bit hovery but it's not too bad. The atmosphere is similar to MAC. I don't think anyone will try to force anything on you.

  7. Great blog! The red eyeliner looks great.

    I got my first Inglot gel eyeliner a couple of days ago and I LOVE it! So smooth & creamy & easy for a novice like myself to use! I want to start collecting it now & this one will be on the list. I have green eyes too & this brings yours out so well I hope mine will do the same.

    Just letting you know, the SA told me that all gel eyeliners (any brand) will dry out eventually due to air exposure, but that all you just add a drop or so of Duraline (Inglots mixing medium - made to turn any powder into eyeliner - I got that too & its so fab!) & that will reinvigorate it. She did this on of their semi dried out testers & it worked like new.

    Hope this helps & keep up the great work!!!!

  8. OMG- the red glasses, liner and lips...that combo is amazing and it really works for you! I would have never ever thought of that combination and not only did you think it up but you made it look fabulous. <3


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