Monday, 26 April 2010

Philips Lumea update - is it working?

I'm now at the mid-point of my eight-week Philips Lumea trial. I've had two zapping-sessions with the magic hairdryer so far, and I'll be heading off this afternoon to undertake my third.

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting results at this point. But I was pleasantly surprised to see noticeable hair loss even after the first session, and by now I've got a definite balding-armpit look going on.

I have thought carefully about whether to post pictures of my progress. It's a tough decision. On the one hand I know you're insatiably curious as to the benefits of the Lumea. On the other hand, I know that nobody in their right mind would want to pore over photographs of my underarm area. In the end I decided that the interests of taste and public decency were outweighed by the power of hard proof. In internet terms, "PIX OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN." So with that in mind, here are my armpits.

Well, one of them anyway. This picture was taken after 4 weeks of Lumea (2x fortnightly sessions). I have shaved once since my last treatment two weeks ago, and you can see that the remaining hairs are about 5mm long. Impressive, no?

I cannot believe I have posted a picture of my armpit on the internet.


  1. hi,I don't mean to offend you or anything, but you still have a dark shadow on the under arm..does that mean that the hair stays under the skin (asleep) would I also have this shadow or black dots all over my legs??? hmmmm oh I'm so hoping not!

  2. Haha I love the fact that you've posted a photo of your armpit! I'm constantly showing off my hair-free underarms to my friends... but I've never had the guts to post a picture on my blog!

  3. @catherien No offence taken at all. I've asked about the "5 o clock shadow" effect, and apparently it's new hairs about to grow in under the surface. Hairs grow in phases, and they're currently in a resting phase. They'll get zapped at the next session when they've started growing again. Hope that makes sense!

    @Beauty Scribbler I had my doubts about it I must say... but it's all the name of research and honest, thorough reviewing.

  4. LOL so ignoring the fact that armpits are gross, it really does look like its working :)

  5. hi Sarah thanks for the reply..i think I get the picture about the hair growth and all that...keep us posted, I'm definitly gonna get one as soon as I see a few positive reviews..happy zapping!

  6. so, after a certain amount of treatments, the amount of hair growth is considerably reduced, and the sessions can be spaced out more ... am I getting this right?

    I read on the site that you can space the sessions out to 4weeks apart. Do you know if eventually the hair growth would be so reduced that the sessions can be spaced out even more and that you would only need some touch up sessions every now and then?

    And one last thing, what do you think is the lifetime of this gadget? (seeing as the whole thing has to be replaced once the bulb dies out)

  7. @ria I think so, yes. It will depend from person to person, but after a while growth should slow enough to space out the sessions. But there's no claim that growth will stop altogether - you will still need to use the machine to stay hair free. I'm told that the handset should last 5-7 years.

  8. Wow! If this works then I'm buying one, it looks and sounds fantastic! Also, I think the armpit photo was very brave but completely necessary!
    Thanks, Rachel

  9. Do you know if the lumea can be used on the face i.e. upper lip and chin?

  10. @Rachel thank you :) Stay tuned for conclusive positive results... I hope!

    @Anonymous I believe the Lumea has not yet been tested for use on the face, however the Boots Smooth Skin is confirmed as safe for use on the face for females.

  11. hi, im into my second session of Lumea, so week 3. I have used it on my face but chose the lower setting of 3 rather than 5 as it has not been tested on that area. It has not caused any bad sensations or anything its just difficult to get on the lip and chin as you need to cover all the pressure points of the device to zap, but getting the hang of it. Will let you know of my progress. Thanks for the armpit photo brave but great. A

  12. @A thanks so much for sharing your experience. Please do keep us posted and I'm glad you aren't too grossed out by my armpit!

  13. Hi,

    Seeing as you have to stay out of the sun while using it, is it OK to fake tan while using it?
    Also, is the estimate of 5-7 years just if you're doing armpits or is that for a whole body of hair? ie what would an estimated number of 'flashes' be per full leg/bikini line/armpit etc.


    PS Nice armpit! Is anyone going to be brave enough to post anything else!

  14. I've heard that IPL can be used as a treatment for Rosacia. Can the Philips Lumea be used for this?
    Have they done any tests to see if it helps?
    (I'd be very willing to volunteer if they needed someone)

  15. @Anonymous I believe the 5-7 year estimate is for full usage, not just armpits. Fake tan would not be a good idea - basically anything that darkens the colour of the skin is not OK, whether it's real or fake. Glad you like the armpit (I think!)

    @Miranda Lumea is specifically for hair removal - I don't think they have tested it for other purposes, but I can enquire for you at my next session.

  16. Hiya, I'm love the fact you put your armpit on the net. Am laughing! Completely nessesary though. I wish more people would do it! I am really torn between the Lumea and the Boots Smooth Skin. The Lumea is more expensive but lasts longer and has a bigger window and also no need for the contact gel. But then the Boots Smooth Skin Has a higher heat setting and more permanant results. Am soooo confused!

    As you have tried both, which one do you think I should buy? I want it for my legs bikini and my arm pits.


    PS. I think everyone should put pics of their results up!

  17. Hi I have used another IPL but found it very time consuming as I used the highest setting which meant in between each bleep (you had to wait for the bleep before you could move on to the next section) I had to wait around 60 seconds before I could move on. Is this the same for the Lumea?

  18. hi sarah...
    thanx for sharing your experience with us.
    i have been taking laser sessions for my facial hair since 2 yrs and its been more than 20 sessions that i have taken now...there is definetly a reduction in the growth but the hair does re-grow and I have to go for a session atleast once in a month and pay 300dhms/sessoin.
    do you think lumea will work on my skin and show positive results? would you recommend me to go for it?

    1. Hi Dipika. two years and you still have hair!! it's eaither that your hair is so light that is why its not effected by the laser or the light power that they use for you is so low. so check these two.

      So Sara after two years of using Lumea will you please till us the results cause am comparing devices now in order to be able to buy THE good one. please reply to us.

      it's ok to see your hair free armpit again.


  19. It has a life of 50,000 flashes and the bulbs can't be replaced. The machine should last around 5 years worth of treatment, results normally show after 12 months of usage.

  20. Hello Sarah and All, It's now 2 years since you've tested the product. I wonder if you can give us an update as to if you are still hair free? issues that only come to light now? and indeed that if the unit still works? I am very very tempted to purchase one, but it is expensive and I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. Thanks, Polly

  21. Hello,

    Im a new user of Philips Lumea, i had my firsts ession, and most of the hair didn't fall is that normal? will the hair fall after the second session for example? what is the process? cuz i don't like how the hair it a good idea to wax after the session?

    appreciate your reply.


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