Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Orange Eyeliner Challenge

Disclosure: The Models Own and OCC items in this post were samples provided for consideration.

Earlier this year, the Metro ran an article about summer corals by British Beauty Blogger, with contributions from Makeup by Katy. I loved their selection of products, and was especially struck by the neon orange Models Own eyeliner that BBB picked out. I told her I loved the look of it but doubted I could pull it off, and she suggested I should try it anyway. And so I have.

Pictured above are the orange pencil itself and a complementing loose eyeshadow in Orangeade, both £5 from Models Own (who kindly provided the materials for this experiment).

The barrel of the pencil is a staggeringly bright colour. It has a highly practical design, with a lidded smudger on the end and a sharpener set into the pencil cap. I love how well thought out it is. Swatched on bare skin, the pencil is opaque and true to colour.
However I found that applying it to the eye (I really didn't enjoy the prospect of this, and as you can see it does look pretty horrible by itself) it dragged quite a bit over the layer of UDPP I had put on in preparation and took a few tries to get payoff. (NB to self for future reference; UDPP and these pencils are not a good mix.)

Obviously I couldn't let it stay like that. Bleurgh. Below are the Models Own Orangeade (right), a cooler toned and surprisingly wearable orange/salmon colour, and OCC Titania loose pigment, a beautiful pale neutral with warm reflects that I thought would be handy in pulling a look together. I put the Orangeade on the lid and the Titania in the inner corners and on the browbone.

The next step was to thoroughly line the eye with UD 24/7 eyeliner in Zero. I went for the inner rim. I rarely do this (I feel a bit squeamish about applying product to mucuous membranes) but I felt I had to put something between that orange liner and my eyes.

That still looked off, so I added some black eyeshadow to the crease (applied with a pencil brush and blended out). And then some NYX Doll Eye mascara.

Passable, no?

Pics taken indoors;

And in natural light;
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  1. I like the orange. I keep meaning to try orange eyeliner at some point.

  2. Oh it's more than passable - it's lovely!

  3. That actually looks stunning. Gorgeous!

  4. Thanks guys!

    @Phyrra, you could definitely work this one. They do do international orders, but it's a bit steep - info here

    I've just been challenged on Twitter to do a bright yellow a la Beyoncé in the Lady Gaga Telephone video, so that's the next goal.

  5. wow, it actually looks good on you... i always thought orange is one of the colour that is no way that anyone can carry on unless you are on stage or take photo for magazines.

  6. very passable! I like it. I have thing for orange eyeshadows. Shame on me, I know!

  7. @Kyvani I think anyone can wear any shade - it's just a question of how you place it with other things.

    @Deborah Jones I did not know that about you. How about an orange shadows round-up post for us new initiates to the phenomenon?

  8. I really like the orange eyeliner on you! I've been looking for a good orange and red eyeliner for some time now.

  9. Kali - I think Models Own is a good place to get "experimentation" liner colours, as there is a good range and they're not too pricey. Other good "basic" brands are GOSH and Barry M. For better quality pencils, try Illamasqua Medium Pencil.

  10. This is actually quite similar to a look I'm wearing right now :) except i did bronze instead of black!

  11. Wow i think it looks beautigul on you. I love Models Own nail varnishes but haven't tried any of their eye products. Orangeade looks beautiful. The bright orange pencil really excites me :P


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