Friday, 2 April 2010

NOTD: No.7's super dupe-r greige, plus new spring nail colours

Disclosure: This product was provided for review by No.7 PR

In the last week, No.7 have released a new batch of Speed Dry nail polish shades. They're all rather lovely (see after the cut for pics), but there's one that has grabbed alllllll the attention - Beanie.

The reason being, of course, that it's a dead ringer for prestige cult favourite Particulere by Chanel. The cool-toned mushroom brown has even earned its own generic shade-name, greige (grey-beige).

Personally, I don't own Particulere, but from the images I've seen and the way this No.7 polish looks on my own nails, I'm satisfied that I don't need to. Purists are likely to continue hankering after the "real thing", but for me this £6.25 greige will do nicely, especially as it's widely available in branches of Boots and online.

This picture was taken after 3 days of wear, and shows 3 coats of Beanie over Urban Retreat's basecoat and topped with Seche Vite (to which I'm a new and devoted convert, but that's another story).
Here's Beanie with its sisters Violetta (the darker blue - looks a bit like Bourjois Bleu-Violet - thumbs up!) Beautifully Black, Fucshia Daze, Queenie, Poolside Blue and Grey Skies.

I photoshopped these. Please don't laugh.

I'm planning to bag Poolside Blue, Violetta and Grey Skies next time there's a £5 voucher doing the rounds.


  1. I didnt even notice that you'd photoshopped the polishes, I just assumed it was a promo photo :)

    It's good to see that Particuliere is dupable, I havent stopped hearing about it for ages LOL

  2. It is! Another polish that's regarded as a Particulere dupe is Jermyn Street by Nails Inc, and I'm sure there are more.


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