Tuesday, 6 April 2010

NOTD: No7 Sunshine

Disclosure:  This was provided by PR.

This is Boots No7 Stay Perfect nail varnish in Sunshine.  It's a very pretty mink silver, with an almost metallic finish - it's not quite cool, but not quite warm either. The polish applies very evenly and is opaque in two coats, with minimal brushmarks for something with this kind of finish. 

 I'm not quite sure I like it against my skin.  I can do cool or warm colours, but more neutral shades like this tend to make my skin look a bit weird.  So I put a gold glitter topcoat on top, as shown below, and now I'm much happier.  I'd definitely recommend looking at this shade in person before you buy, given that it's a slightly inbetweeny shade.  £6.25 for 10ml from Boots, whose frankly terrible website doesn't yet show this particular colour.


  1. It looks very pretty to me, but i think i'd have to wait until i had one of their no 7 vouchers before i'd buy.

  2. It's true, the website totally blows. They need to hire me and you to make it better. :)

  3. With the lovely No7 vouchers, this would be only £1.25, which is an absolute bargain. It's wearing really well too!

  4. It looks gorgeous with the gold topcoat :) then again, I love anything gold.


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