Thursday, 15 April 2010

NOTD: The Makeup Store Anett

This is a deep aubergine cream colour from the newly opened Makeup Store in Carnaby Street.  The shop itself is lovely, if a little on the small side, and stuffed full of a wide range of products in a rainbow of colours.

The nail varnish, which costs £11, is easy to apply, has a decent brush, and dries relatively quickly.  This is two coats - in some lights it looks a little patchy, so I think next time I use it I'll be going for 3 full coats.  Formula wise, this isn't anything particularly special, but it works.

I was slightly disappointed by the way that the colour on the nail.  In the bottle, the aubergine colour looks slightly blue toned, slightly dusty.  On the nail, the dustiness is lost and it's just a standard dark purple cream.  Still, it's not a colour I already own, so I will keep using it.

I can't find any online retailers of the Makeup Store products - and the stores in the UK are both in London, at Westfield and on Carnaby Street.  If you'd like to try this, a trip to London might have to be in order, or you could phone the stores and see if they'll do mail order for you.


  1. Personally i'm not keen on the colour but i can't wait to get down to Carnaby Street and check out the store.

  2. It's a pretty nice store Lillian - but, as someone who owns too many eyeshadows and blushers, there wasn't anything unique enough to convince me to buy lots of stuff!


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