Saturday, 10 April 2010

MAN REVIEW!: Organic Surge eye gel. vs. Boots No.7 eye cream

Disclosure: Organic Surge product was part of a PR goodie bag, while No.7 was a GWP sample.

Today's post is another guest review (they're like buses, I swear), this time from Greg aka The Man Who Fell Asleep, who has taken time out from his regular tweeting schedule to review two eye creams for us. Take it away Greg...

Sarah kindly asked me to review two eye products: Organic Surge and No.7 For Men Protect and Perfect Moisturising Cream.

Beauty products for men are odd. For years I either nicked my mother’s/sister’s/girlfriend’s moisturisers or bought pleasant, unisex Vaseline moisturiser. I’m quite suspicious of the newfangled beauty products aimed at men, mainly because the marketing is so clumsily macho and desperate to avoid accusations of femininity or sexual ambivalence. It’s now not enough to moisturise your skin, you have to “recharge” your skin. I fully expect a moisturiser to claim “This will not only REBOOT your face, it will totally REFORMAT it.”

I make an ideal candidate to review anything that aims to boost eye appearance as my eyes are normally circles by large dark patches. This is for two reasons (1) I work a lot in front of a PC, staring for hours on end at a tiny, pallid monitor, straining my eyes and avoiding vitamins and sunlight (2) life is a series of crushing disappointments, culminating in death. So dark circles are to be expected.

The packaging: I had assumed that Organic Surge was designed specifically with men in mind, but I now believe it’s a unisex range. It comes in a clear plastic dispenser and promises that it “reduces puffiness and rejuvenates skintone”. The No.7 For Men came in a tiny beige brown tube (I assume it’s a sampler size) and uses a font that can only be used described as ZX Spectrum 16k. Because men like computers.

I used both products once a day, just before going to bed. I used the Organic Surge on my left eye and the No.7 on my right eye. That's how science works.

The Organic Surge is a clear, slightly slimy gel. I found it quite hard to actually dispense the gel without it sliding off the end of my finger before applying it. Even when applying it, it’s quite tricky and I managed to get quite a lot of it in my eye, rather than around it. The gel itself is pleasantly cooling and mildly astringent. It felt ok, without being anything special. I certainly didn't feel that it reduced any puffiness, but I'm not entirely sure what puffy eyes look like.

The No.7 is a pale cream, thicker and smoother than the Organic Surge. I found it easier to apply and it was quickly and easily absorbed into my skin.  It didn’t have any immediate effect, but it felt comfortable and moist.  
After using both products for three weeks, I can’t say I’ve noticed a massive change in the dark rings around my eyes. Perhaps I was expecting too much. If anything, the No.7 has been more effective in combating the darkness, but it’s a close call and I may simply be subconsciously responding to the fact that it was nicer to apply. I can’t say that the Organic Surge had any effect at all.

Would I spend money on either product? Possibly the No.7, not the Organic Surge.


  1. Eeek! Someone needs a beauty sleep. Beats cream and gel any day.

  2. Now M, I could just as well say that what's best for skin is a regular intake of WATER. Yes, WATER!!! *scary arm movements*

  3. emmm, not sure youve noticed, but the Organic Surge eye gel has urea listed in the ingredients.


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