Friday, 9 April 2010

MAC Art Supplies

MAC's latest collection, entitled Art Supplies, is actually providing a bit of temptation for me.  I've not felt particularly tempted by any new MAC products for quite some time, mostly because so many of the collections are just a few shade or packaging variations on existing products.  This collection, however, contains some things I have never tried before - and having been through a bit of a MAC obsession when I first got into makeup, that's a rarity for me nowadays.

The Greasepaint stick, as introduced with the Style Black collection, is back in 8 shades - I'm lusting after Zinc Zone, as I love anything gunmetal silver, and Charred Mauve, because anything purple brings out the green in my eyes.  Described as a creamy, pigmented crayon, this is designed to be easily smoked out and apparently is long wearing.  If it's long wearing on my oily lids, I'll be quite frankly amazed; I've not found many of MAC's cream products to be half as long wearing as they claim.  £13.50 for 1g.

The other interesting product for me is the new Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker.  These look suspiciously similar to the OutLast lipstains that CoverGirl make, which are sadly not available in the UK.  The difference looks to be the inclusion of some fairly neutral shades in the 9 available colours - my only gripe with the CoverGirl product was that all the shades available were seriously bright.  I'm curious to try Modern Mocha, a neutral brown, and Runway Ripened, described as a berry plum red.  £14.50 for 2.5g.

What do you think?  Tempted by anything in this collection, or are you still waiting for MAC to release something entirely new and exciting?


  1. I bought quite a lot from this collection, not impressed by the lipstains so far! I'm going to persevere though because the colours are lovely!

  2. The GPS's got me. Now I want Zinc Zone too. I'm actually going to buy more. That's how sad I am!!! The lipstains...not the best of the market but they are cute. :)

  3. I wasnt tempted by anything in the collection, but I really liked the look of the stuff from Give Me Liberty of London and Spring Colour Forecast. :)

  4. Interesting - sounds like I definitely need to do some shopping!

    SilhouetteScreams: I didn't really care much for the Liberty or Spring Colour Forecast collections - just struck me as variations on packaging or shades, and I own so much MAC already I don't want to buy stuff just for the sake of packaging!

  5. I must say this collection doesn't wow me. I really like the greasepaint stick i have from the Style Black collection but don't use it enough to justify buying other colours and i've heard bad stuff about the lipstains.

  6. MAC should really reign in their LE collections, it seems like they have one out every week, they've recently had the Gaga lippy craze, then the LOL stuff and now this.


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