Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Favourite Things: MAC Lipgelee

Last week, I picked up and wore a lipgloss, instead of my usual lipstick.  I'd forgotten how comfortable and easy to maintain they can be, and these MAC lipgelees, which I am very partial to, are definitely both.

Looking pretty intense in the tube, but sheer, moist and jelly like on the lips, Lipgelees are everything I wanted from Juicy Tubes (including the easy to use packaging), but significantly less sticky.  These don't really get sticky until you've been wearing them for over an hour.  They also leave the lips very soft and well moisturised.

The MAC website is currrently showing only two shades; Amber Russe, which I don't own (but now want), and Moistly, which is the furthest right swatch above.  Sugarshock and Who's That Lady were both LE, but are both still available on MakeupAlley and eBay.  I used to also own Saplicious, which was the perfect neutral on me, and it remains the only lipgloss I've ever finished!

From MAC, these cost £12 for 15ml and are, to my mind, one of the most underrated MAC glosses, and are well worth checking out if you're not fond of the ultra-sticky and thick Lipglasses.


  1. great post, love the look of Sugarshock :)

  2. Ooooh Who's That Lady looks interesting


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