Friday, 23 April 2010

Daniel Sandler Watercolour

Disclosure - this is a PR sample

The name says it all - Daniel Sandler Watercolour is a thin liquid formula with a dose of colour mixed in - much like watercolour paint when it's mixed and ready to use.

I was instantly charmed by this neat, unique-looking little product, which is one of 12 Watercolour shades available from Daniel Sandler.

It's suitable for use on eyes, lips and cheeks, but for me there was no question about where to apply this shade, Cherub. It's a dusty neutral pink that makes a perfect spring blush.

The little screw-top bottle contains 15ml of product. That's about the same as an average bottle of nail polish, and given how pigmented this product is, it should go a very long way.

Watercolour can separate during storage, so it needs a vigorous shake before use. It spreads very smoothly on the skin when applied with fingertips, giving effortless even coverage. I found that its high-pigmented nature made this application method a poor option though as it can easily leave a noticeable colour on the fingers.

It's also very long-wearing (the package says "easily removed with waterproof eyemakeup remover", to give an indication) so a brush is probably best unless you have time to cleanse your hands thoroughly after application. The nozzle of the bottle is quite small and precise so you could just dot it straight on and then blend out. Daniel Sandler make a "Waterbrush" specifically for this purpose.

Here's the product applied to my face. This is two drops, blended with fingers. It sets matte and is impressively waterproof.

Daniel Sandler cosmetics and brushes are available at Harrods, or online at Watercolour is £11 (and well worth the price!)


  1. The price is amazing! I was really expecting it to be around the £20 benchmark while reading such a positive review, very nice surprise to get to the end of the post and the actual price ;)

  2. Oh no, now I'll have to get this blusher too! I'm a bit of a blusher freak and love having options, thank god its such a reasonable price. Do you think it will work well over mineral foundation?

  3. @Ola I know! I was very impressed too, as it's a real quality product.

    @Anonymous good question. I've just tried it over Bare Escentuals that was to hand and it seems to be just fine.

  4. What a bizarre product! Bizarre in a good way though :)

  5. Wow, sounds so interesting! Some of the colours look lovely.


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