Thursday, 25 March 2010

Things we learned today...

A few bits of news garnered from the online beautyscape today;

Liz Earle is to be sold to Avon in a bid to bring the brand international exposure. Founders Liz Earle and Kim Buckland will remain in the driving seat of the brand, which will operate as a "stand alone" line within Avon. This has to be one of the unlikeliest pairings I've ever heard of - independent UK niche brand joining up with multi-national conglomerate? I can only imagine the price must have been very very right! (Source - Evening Standard). Sparklz & Shine has provided this link to Liz Earle's blog, which gives us the skinny from her perspective.

Lime Crime lipsticks, which will be launched in Space NK next month, will be retailing at £14. This is still more expensive dollar-for-dollar than the US RRP of $16, but is less of a mark-up than most people seem to have been expecting. We in the UK are getting only the lipstick to start with, (not the eye colours) in 10 shades. (Source - press info from SpaceNK)

Muji skincare will be launching at the end of this month (so not long to wait!) - and will be available from We get two skincare regimes for different skin types, and three sorts of cleanser - oil, milk and gel. The oil looks particularly tempting. Source - Beauty Woo Me.


  1. I saw the announcement from Liz Earle on Facebook this morning - You can read her write up on it on her blog

  2. You do know Lime Crime lipsticks are terrible?
    The formula is incredibly thick and drying, they stain your lips and show up every little imperfection.You can get a MAC one for cheaper and much better quality.

    They also repackage their shadows, and have an extremely bad attitude to customers. I would actively warn anyone against buying from them.
    Google 'Lime Crime repackaged' if you don't believe me.

  3. Thank you Sparklz & Shine - fantastic link. I will add it to the post now.

    Anonymous - we are well aware of the controversies around Lime Crime, although not having tried them we don't have any personal comments to make. We're just giving this information because it's of interest to a lot of people - both fans of the brand and those following the whole Lime Crime debate.

  4. I cant wait for people to review the Lime Crime lipsticks ;]

  5. Will be quite interested to actually see for myself how bad the Limecrime lipsticks are lol...rather than payout for one and then get awful customer service when i want to return it


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