Monday, 1 March 2010

Some more NYX lipstick swatches

A few more swatches of these lovely and bargainous lipsticks. They are available from Cherry Culture for just $1.75 each, and international shipping is quite reasonable. Some of these lipsticks are cast-offs from Gemma and Charlotte. Luckily I like all of them. I'm easil pleased.

Darling (614)

Heredes (538)

Click through for four more colours

Terracotta (585)

Indian Pink (550)


Apollo (548)

Hero (545), appallingly badly applied.

I'd love to meet the person who has named these shades. I'm guessing he or she has a keen interest in Classical mythology, or possibly Shakespeare.


  1. Oh wow i love them all! I bought a few of their lipsticks a while back but because the swatches on cherryculture were so rubbish i ended up with a lot of colours i would never wear X/

  2. Ohhh :) I love all the colors! Terracotta it's a great color, I'm in love!


  3. I love how the line is based around Greek mythology :3 and NYX was the Goddess of the Night after all, hence the Goddess of the Night lipgloss collection.

    Ugh I need Hero and Apollo now.

  4. @Lillian but did you discover any shades you thought you'd never wear, but then did?

    @Pop The Fashion I love Terracotta too - I am a sucker for warm lip shades.

    @SilhouetteScreams there are some Roman names in there too, aren't there? I never knew that re Nyx/Goddess of the Night. Great idea for a name.


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