Monday, 15 March 2010

Review: Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

We received this product as a sample from  All reviews are impartial, regardless of the source of the product!

As a lover of mascaras that promise heaps of volume, I was excited to find a sample of Urban Decay's Big Fatty mascara with an order from Packaged in a purple tube with psychadelic coloured label, it claims to "create the fullest, fattest lashes imaginable".  Quite a lofty claim!  

Read on after the jump to find out how I got on.

Urban Decay say that this mascara comes with a "giant, fuzzy brush that separates & coats lashes without clumping".  And they certainly ain't joking - the Big Fatty brush is indeed giant.  The picture to the right shows its size in comparison with my forefinger - that should give you an idea of just how BIG it is.  As always with this kind of brush, there's a certain amount of gentleness required in the application - try to rush it, and you may end up with mascara all over your eyelid.

In fact, because the brush is so densely bristled, and because the scraper ensures that it is never over-coated with product, I found it much easier to apply this mascara than I've found others of the big-brush variety.  The depth of the bristles helps to ensure that each lash gets a good coating without over-coating and causing clumps.

The result is lashes that are long, fairly thick, and very well defined.  The picture to the right shows two coats; I'm most impressed by the definition here, as it's so easy to get clumpy, bumpy lashes with other volumising formulations.  

The mascara lasted well, going a full 12 hours without flaking or smudging, although the curl in my lashes did droop a bit throughout the day.  Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this mascara, and will be using it on special occasions - the amount of time needed to get a perfect application rules it out for every day use for me, but when I'm really going to town on my makeup, I'll happily take the extra time for beautiful definition.

If you'd like to try it yourself, you can get it from for £14.50.


  1. I never ever hear much about the UD mascaras, but this one sounds good :3

  2. I got a free sample of this for buying 2 UD products the other week. I found it really dry, hardly made any difference to my lashes at all. But after reading this, maybe I just got a bad one?

  3. It's not the wettest mascara ever, particularly with the depth of the bristles, but it definitely made a difference to my lashes after two coats and a lot of wiggling! Maybe you got an old one?


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