Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Review: Soap and Glory The Greatest Scrub Of All

I love a good scrub, me.  An essential part of any skincare regime, they are probably the only product which can give you an instantly noticeable result.  And they come in so many different varieties - from creams so smooth you can't quite work out if they're actually doing any scrubbing, through to scrubs with such big grains that they feel like they're sanding your face. 

At first, this Soap and Glory "self activated facial smoother", which I recently picked up to replace the Burts Bees exfoliant I didn't really like, seems to fall into the first category.  You're advised to use a pea sized amount, and upon first application it feels as if the granules are absolutely tiny, and aren't really likely to do a great deal. 

Once you start massaging it across the skin (in circles, as we're so often directed), it seems to get grittier.  After a minute or so, the skin definitely does feel scrubbed and fresh - not in a scratchy, over the top fashion, but well enough that you feel you ought to apply some moisturiser afterwards.  My skin looked and felt smoother and more radiant, but the biggest difference is in the softness of my skin after use.  I've always looked to scrubs to make my face baby-soft, but this scrub takes that to another level - and all without me feeling like I've sandpapered myself to death.

Soap and Glory recommend that this product is suitable for all skin types, and that you use it more or less frequently depending on your skin type.  I have dry/combination skin, and I've been using it up to 3 times a week, which doesn't seem to be too much.  Due to the (eventually) scrubby nature though, I wouldn't use this too often if your skin is sensitive.

Given how little you use of this stuff, I imagine that the 125ml tube will last a fair old while.  It has a clean, slightly minty but not overpowering scent, and is pleasant and very simple to use.  It's also rather cheap:  usually £7.87, not exactly expensive to start with, this is currently £5.25 at Boots at the moment.  All in all, this adds up to a very good scrub if you're looking for something that produces soft, well exfoliated skin, without being too harsh.

If you'd like to try it yourself, you can get it from Boots.com or instore at the special price of £5.25.


  1. I've got this and feel the same as you about it, it makes my skin feel absolutely amazingly soft, their body exfoliator is also amazing at leaving me smooth :)

  2. I got this too! I really love it and restocked as they are on offer! I use it every 2 days and ive still not run out and i got it for Xmas :)

  3. I totes want to get my hands on this :) I havent tried a scrub in aaaaaaages, since I got my facial exfoliator brush thing

  4. I think this product is a real well kept secret! Glad others are loving it too, it's so effective, particularly for the very small price!


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