Saturday, 20 March 2010

Review - Ponds Hydro Nourishing Cream

Disclosure - this product was provided free for review

You may remember both Gemma and myself being very taken with old-school beauty item Ponds Cold Cream cleanser last year, which turned out to be both versatile and effective.

As a result, I was interested to investigate the range further. I have been using Ponds Hydro Nourishing Cream in place of my usual moisturiser for the last two weeks.

Hydro Nourishing Cream comes in the same heavy glass screw-top jar as the Cold Cream, with very similar branding on the label. The jar is a pleasingly solid piece of construction and the lid closes tightly. Although it is a finger-dipping-in sort of format, the aperture of the jar is quite small, so most of the product is not exposed to the air.

The cream itself is white with a medium-weight consistency. It spreads easily on the skin with a slight feeling of greasiness that quickly disappears as it sinks in. I found that I was surprised how much of it I needed, since on first impressions it seems rich enough to be used sparingly. In fact it is quickly absorbed and can be used quite freely. This is not a criticism - the 75ml fill weight and rock-bottom price point (£3.99) mean there's absolutely no reason to scrimp on application if you don't have to.

The cream is scented with a light floral aroma. I didn't find this unpleasant, but if you are sensitive to fragrance it's worth noting (as many such "basic" products are fragrance free).

Ingredients-wise, this is not one to go for if you are of the "chemical free" persuasion. It contains paraffin liquidum (vaseline), mineral oil, carbomer, and two flavours of parabens. However, it also contains Vitamin E and Vitamin C (antioxidants), plus Evening Primrose Oil (anti-inflammatory) and, interestingly, hydrolysed elastin (the same bounce-imparting ingredient found in Phillip Kingsley's Elasticizer).  

I have normal/dry skin and I was using this alongside a "regime" (ha, as if I'm even that organised) of Eve Lom cleanser on some days and Elemental Herbology Cool & Clear facewash on others.

For me, this is a great product, and I recommend it to those who have no aversion to perfume or mineral oil in their products. The fact that it costs a mere £3.99 and is available in most Boots and pharmacists in the land make it even more of a winner.


  1. Oh man, I remember Ponds being a staple in my house when I was growing up in NZ! I dont think they sell it in Aus :(

  2. Blast from the past, right?

    I'm sure you can get it on eBay if you want it. It's marketed more towards older women, but it's so cheap it's worth a try even on your young skin.

  3. i love this cream, my mum used to use it alot whilst growing up and she has great skin and very few wrinkles etc.. and for £3.99 i think that is a great price for something so good! :)

  4. I have been using Ponds Hydro Nourishing Cream, alongside the cold cream cleanser and boots own Tea Tree and Witch Hazel for about a year, my skin was great, for some madness I started using Clinique anti redness, bad idea, it made me red and blotchy! Gone back to ponds, (could not find Hydro so bought Ponds anti wrinkle cream! Amazing) within 2 week my skin is back to flawless, and in good time to celebrate my big 30 end of Oct!!!!!

  5. my face gone dry when i use ponds so i stop using it..maybe it is not suitable for my skin


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