Thursday, 4 March 2010

New OCC Lip Tars

OCC have finally released more details about the new Spring 2010 shades of Lip Tar, after premiering them at the LA Makeup Show this weekend.

From left to right:  Complex, Demure, Hoochie and Vapid.

These are available from OCC's website, or on pre-order from the lovely Makeup Artist Boutique,where they will be shipped in mid March - if you order there, don't forget you get a 10% discount with the code OCCLBR.

Pursebuzz has some swatches, and I'm already waiting with baited breath for Demure.  Any of these tickle your fancy?


  1. I love the look of demure*drools* I wish we had them here :( .

  2. *Looks greedily at complex* haha sorry they both deserve separate comments:).

  3. Ugh I want Vapid so badly, but I just know that I wont wear lilac lips that often. And I just bought a lilacy/lavender lipstick >_>

  4. I envy those of you who have the guts to pull off the ultra-pale lip, it looks so awful on me!

    Sarah, you can get them here from the MUA Boutique as mentioned in the main post - they'll be shipping from the UK in mid March :)


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