Monday, 1 March 2010

Help! Long Lasting Bubble Bath

Dear readers, I need some help and advice.

You see, I absolutely adore taking very long baths - I have been known to spend 3 hours lounging with a good book, having long ago mastered operating the tap with my toes.  Oh yes, a real life skill!

The thing is, for such long baths, a heavyweight, long lasting bubble bath is needed.  And I've been using Soap and Glory's Calm One, Calm All for ages.  I've probably been through ten bottles.  But I'm hankering for a change, so please tell me:  can you recommend me a lovely long lasting bubble bath?  I'll duly purchase your recommendations and pit them against my beloved Soap and Glory in a big bubble bath battle.

I'll stop with the alliteration now, I promise.


  1. The only thing I can think of is the Lush Bubble Bars used the way they're meant to be used - one whole bar per bath. You get absolute mountains of bubbles that way :D Half a bar works quite well as well :) My favourite? Bathos. Yum.

  2. I agree with Emily. I'd go for a Flosty Gritter :)

  3. You have to use Kneipp products - specialist chemists have them - in great abundance in France - how RUDE!
    they are unreal....

  4. Thanks for the ideas! Unfortunately I just CAN'T bring myself to use a whole bubble bar every time I have a long bath - I like to have at least 3 a week, and that's about £9 a week just on bubbles!

    I will have a look out for Kneipp products and will naturally post when I find something that lives up to my very high bathing expectations! :)


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