Sunday, 21 March 2010

FOTD - Sleek Bohemian palette

Today's post was going to be an FOTD inspired by seasonal British confection the Cadbury's Creme Egg, which Gemma and I both like quite a bit. (Lucky it's seasonal, or I would eat them all year round and be considerably fatter than I am now.) However, I gave up after two attempts at making that work ended up in muddy ill-defined rubbishness. Today I somehow lost my blending mojo. I'm normally OK at blending.

So instead, here is the look I did after I had given up on the Creme Egg idea. I began with a pretty basic wash of iridescent blue shadow on the lid after priming with UDPP. Then I applied a navy shadow as eyeliner, dry, using an angled brush and flicking up slightly at the corners. I put a bit of pale neutral matte eyeshadow on the browbone and blended the blue into it.

Both the navy shade and the brow highlight (which doesn't show up in the photos) are from Sleek's new iDivine palette, titled Bohemian, which came out this week. The blue on the lid is Jelly Pong Pong "Single and Loving it" eyeshadow in Butterfly Wings.

On my face is Stila Natural Finish makeup (shade A) and on my eyelashes is Maybelline Full and Soft mascara (black).

On my lips I have applied a bit of the red shimmer eyeshadow from the Sleek palette over a dab of OCC Lip Tar in Clear.

Comments, questions and blending-advice-for-idiots are all most welcome.

Below, the iDivine palette in its new-style white casing, and the JPP eyeshadow. ("That looks like a nice box of paints" said the man of the house on seeing the iDivine.)

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  1. I keep looking at the Sleek palette and thinking 'I should want this, but I just don't'. Is it really worth the hype? Pretty FOTD :-) x

  2. If you don't want it, don't buy it - it's not mind-blowing. It is only £5 though, so not breaking the bank. There are some good shades there, lots of bright and neutral mattes that are useful to have all in one place.

    I've been slightly mistrustful of iDivines since the Original one I bought when they first came out in 07 stained the hell out of my eyelids. I think they've tweaked the formula since then though.

    Very cheap packaging, spong applicator, etc. Not a pleasure-to-use sort of item, but good utility value.

  3. I'm always put off by the greasy texture of the Sleek eyeshadows. Always test them out in store, and always shudder slightly. Maybe I'm just a snob.

    Sarah, hope you're going to revisit the Creme Egg FOTD sometime soon!

  4. Om nom nom I had some Creme Eggs just the other week and it was like revisiting my childhood :D


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