Friday, 5 February 2010

Why You'll Find No Valentine's Themed Posts Here

The first email I received about Valentine's Day this year arrived on January 11th. So far, I've had emails peddling dresses, mini breaks, meals out, curly hair products, craft nights, beauty products, and chick lit, all in the name of Valentine's Day. Call me a cynical old grump if you like, but in my mind, Valentine's Day is just another massive commercial opportunity for companies to guilt trip you into buying things.

While I could possibly be persuaded to buy him indoors some chocolate (mostly because I can eat it myself share it with him), I'm not going to buy a lip plumping gloss or a red lipstick because a beauty brand is positioning them for Valentine's Day. Not just because red lipstick doesn't look great transferred onto his lips, but also because I buy lipstick for myself, because I want to feel attractive for my own happiness all year round - not because I want to attract a mate on one particular day of the year.

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  1. Hear, hear! I've been boring my husband for the last couple of weeks by reading out to him the latest thing a PR person has decided is "the perfect Valentine's gift!" It seems that pretty much EVERYTHING falls into this category if you work in PR. My favourite so far was the teeth whitening kit (So romantic - not!), but the £8,000 dress came a close second. I mean, yeah, I'm sure it WOULD be a great gift, but seriously, FOR WHO? Victoria Beckham?

    I've also been receiving a lot of Mother's Day themed releases too lately, which are along the same lines. ("Hair removal cream! It's the perfect Mother's Day gift!" "Ipods! They're the perfect...") And after that comes Easter...


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