Monday, 22 February 2010

Waterproof Eyeliner Showdown Round Two: Makeup Forever vs GOSH

One of the comments on last weeks' Waterproof Eyeliner Showdown post suggested that a great way to roadtest waterproof liners was to test their effectivity on the waterline. It sounded like a great idea to me, so on Friday I applied the MUFE Aqua Eyes and GOSH Velvet Touch pencils to my inner rims and waited six hours to see how they fared.

It's worth noting that the GOSH pencil was much easier to apply on the waterline than the MUFE; one or two passes across the waterline gave a good, deep black, whereas the MUFE pencil took a good five or six passes to build up the same level of blackness. The GOSH pencil is the softer of the two, and as you can see, the colour smudged outside of the waterline onto the lower lash line much more than the MUFE pencil did.

Six hours later, neither pencil had stayed on completely - both had worn off around the outer and inner corners, with some black still showing in the middle part of the waterline. The GOSH Velvet Touch pencil transferred down under the lower lashes much more than the MUFE Aqua Eyes, probably because of it's softer texture.

The performance is again very similar between the two pencils, and once again, I'd still say that they are more water resistant than waterproof. If you'd like to try either one, you can get the GOSH Velvet Touch liner from Superdrug for £5, or the Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes liner from Guru Makeup Emporium for £11.95.


  1. Ahhhh thanks for doing this :) I think GOSH is definitely the winner


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