Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Waterproof Eyeliner Showdown: Makeup Forever vs GOSH

I currently have two black eyeliners that claim to be waterproof; Makeup Forever's Aqua Eyes, and GOSH's Velvet Touch. Both are great eyeliners; richly pigmented, smooth to apply, fairly long lasting.. everything you could want from a basic black eyeliner really. But what of this waterproof claim? Presumably, as with waterproof mascara, the point is that should you get caught in an unexpected rainshower or have a bit of a cry, you won't end up looking panda-eyed.

I decided to give the waterproof moniker an extreme test by wearing both liners swimming. I wear googles, so it's not like I've expected them to bear 40 lengths of immersion; the level of exposure is more condensation from my skin within the goggles and a few quick dips underwater.

Here are some comparisons. Bear in mind I didn't put any effort into applying the liner (I wasn't expecting it to really stick around long) - just stroked a line along my lash line and went to the pool.

As you can see, both have transferred and smudged a little bit underneath the eye, and in the case of the Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes, transferred to the lid too. However, both pencils stayed put a good deal more than I expected them to, and neither of them looked excessively messy post-swim. Comparing the two, they are pretty much on a par, which is interesting given that the MUFE offering costs £11.95, and the GOSH alternative costs just £5.

Either of these pencils would be viable if you're aiming to protect against heavy rain or tears, although I'd probably call them water resistant instead of waterproof. The only truly waterproof eyeliner I've tried is MAC's Liquid Last Liner, which is so waterproof that it's a bugger to get off.

If you'd like to conduct your own water-related eyeliner test, you can grab the GOSH Velvet Touch liner from Superdrug for £5, or the Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes liner from Guru Makeup Emporium for £11.95.


  1. Wow you really put them through their paces! Great idea and interesting to find out that the £5 one lasts just as well

  2. I haven't tried the MUFE liners but one of my favourite liners are actually GOSH velvet touch :)
    GOSH also has a great dupe for MAC Liquidlast Liners called Extreme Art Eyeliner.

    I really like the pictures you took for the review btw :)

  3. Sorry, Gemma's post but I wanted to butt in and say

    @Zoffe those Extreme Artliners are fantastic, and the formula is like Liquidlast only less goopy. Funnily enough the other brand that do a Liquidlast dupe is Boots No.7 - their Stay Perfect eyeliner has that same polymer formula. Costs £8.50.

    @BeautyEdit the Velvet Touch pencils are a superb product. I have quite a few of the shades, and they all have the same holding power. They also do a twist-up liner stick that I think has the same formula.

  4. The Extreme Artliners are on my list of things to try for sure!

    Incidentally, I've not yet removed the remains of both liners (on purpose, you understand *cough*) and have since washed my hair upside down over the bath twice. The GOSH liner is still hanging on, while the MUFE is mostly gone.

  5. I'd love to see how these hold up on the waterline :) that's how I test if something is really waterproof

  6. A waterline test would be an excellent idea. And one I shall do tomorrow, as a round two :)

  7. I have used all sorts of eyeliners from estee lauder to cheapy brands. I wanted one that wouldn't smudge by the ned of a good evening out and would put up with my rubbing. GOSH has been totally FAB.....It really does work. It moves only a teeny bit in really tough conditions and you can wake up looking fairly decent if you don't take it off after a good night out. I have kept buying it!


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