Thursday, 11 February 2010

Swatches: OPI Alice in Wonderland Glitter Polishes

Yes, I know this is old news, but a darling friend passed on her OPI Alice in Wonderland mini set, and I couldn't resist swatching the glitters on my little fingers immediately. Please forgive my cuticles, this cold weather is doing nothing for my hands!

To the left, Mad As A Hatter, which is a multi-coloured, rainbow glitter, with a predominantly silver/black glitter base. It is beautiful, as anticipated, and I should think that any glitter lover would be amply pleased with it. Three thin coats gives the opacity shown here.

To the right, Absolutely Alice, which is mid-blue glitter with some gold in it. I wasn't expecting a lot from this one, having been distracted by the rainbow-sparkly Mad As A Hatter, but this is also absolutely gorgeous. The blue is a rich, swimming pool shade, which has a pretty inner glow. Again, three thin coats required to get an opaque finish.

On a slight side note, this is the second time I've used polishes from a set of mini bottles by OPI, and I hate them. While there are a lot of benefits in having a smaller bottle, particularly the fact that few of us ever get to the end of a bottle of polish, the tiny brush is so much harder to use that it takes longer to get decent coverage across a nail.

The colours themselves are beautiful, and I suspect I might have to cave and purchase both full sizes come payday.

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