Monday, 8 February 2010

Silicone & Shampoo Free: More Comparsion Photos

It's been a while since I posted about going silicone and shampoo free; it's hard to believe that I've not used shampoo or washed my hair in a normal way for over three months. I've taken my silicone free conditioners to the hairdresser and explained to bemused stylists that I don't use shampoo, I've been through lots of conditioners and found some real gems, and for once my husband has been unable to steal my shampoo (ha!).

Here's a comparison of my hair at the start of the silicone-free regime; 5 weeks in; and now (3 months in).

My hair has never felt so soft and healthy without massive amounts of intensive conditioner. I no longer feel the need to leave conditioner on for 20 minutes every time I wash; I simply co-wash, detangle, rinse, and my hair is perfectly moisturised. The biggest improvement is in the lack of frizz and in curl definition - my hair is definitely curlier than it used to be, and forms smooth curves and ringlets. It's also much easier to blowdry smooth and doesn't frizz as much when I wear it straight.

So, after three lather free months, I would highly recommend trying this to anyone whose dry, frizzy hair is causing them pain. You can read my brief introduction for more info.

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