Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Review: Yaby Liquid Foundation

Sarah and I were introduced to Yaby Cosmetics at the IMATS this year. Yaby was founded by Canadian makeup artist Liz Yu, who was looking to condense her makeup kit. And Yaby's products are condensed - they make palettes which hold 40 eyeshadows in small dots, and their liquid foundation comes in small 8ml tubes.

The foundation is described as "unbelievably natural", which is an accurate description - once applied, it looks just like skin; not too matte but not dewy, and not at all powdery, as you can see from the blended swatch below. It's very spreadable and easy to apply, and a small dot will cover the entire face. I would describe it as a light coverage foundation; it evens out the skintone beautifully but doesn't cover blemishes - you will definitely need a separate concealer for those.

I purchased the "vanilla" shade, which is the palest pink-toned shade, according to Yaby's website. It is a very good match for my NC15 pale, cool toned skin. There are five shades available in yellow tones, five in pink tones, two in neutral tones, and a further six corrector shades (white, peach, green, lilac, blue, and pink). Furthermore, while the petite tube of foundation contains 8ml - 8.5ml of product, there's space for 12ml, so that in-between shades can be mixed in the tube.

After a day's wear, my skin still looks pretty much as it did just after application; I don't really get a lot of oiliness breaking through this. It's something I'll reach for when my skin is generally in good condition, and I imagine it'll be great in the summer. I also really like the fact that the product is in a small tube; for those of us who switch foundations regularly, there's a lot less product to waste should you not use it all that often; it sometimes takes me a year to get through a regular size bottle of foundation.

If you'd like to try Yaby's liquid foundation for yourself, you can find it at the Makeup Artist Boutique, where it will cost you £8.99 - a mid-range price given the size of the tube. You can get 10% off your first order if you use the code FIRSTORDER.


  1. Ooh this sounds perfect for me... I like the small tube idea! And the fact that it is natural-looking. I might have to place an order (once I've worked out what colour I am).

  2. The small tube thing is fab - so portable! The swatches on the Yaby site aren't particularly great, hopefully other blogs have swatches of the other colours for you!

  3. ooh i have very pale pink toned cool skin so this one sounds great.Think i may need to get the white as well as im between an NW15 and NW10 (believe MAC reverse their cool to warm thing..dont know why but got told this by MAC that cool toned makeup is W!)
    Does it oxidise at all? Its something i have a real issue with, with foundations. So many sit in adrawer as they look perfect in the tube, perfect when there popped out of the tube/bottle/etc but within seconds the colour starts to go an orange tone! gah.
    so did you find that?

  4. I ended up getting both Buff (neutral) and Custard (yellow) because I'm yellow-toned, but Custard looks so yellow in the swatches and photos I found on the internet!

    I also ended up getting quite a few of the Pearl Paint Shadows... they sound really good. And pretty bargainous too!

    Thanks for mentioning the discount code! That saved most of the postage cost. Now I can't wait to get the products in the post!!

    The MakeupArtistBoutique site is awful to navigate - broken links all over the place! In future, I might try which sells Yaby and ships to most European countries. Not sure what the p&p costs are though.

  5. Sakara: I didn't notice any change in tone after I'd applied it. It remained true to the colour it looked in the tube! Hope that helps!

    Beauty Scribbler: Good on you! The Pearl Paint Shadows are on my list of things to try once I cut down my eyeshadow stash a little; Sarah got some at IMATS and they are SO pretty. The site seems to work out a touch more expensive for things like palettes because of the Euro exchange rate, so might be worth sticking with the difficult to navigate site!


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