Monday, 15 February 2010

Review: Snowberry Beauty

Disclosure: We were sent sample products to try out by Snowberry's PR agents.

Snowberry Beauty has recently made it over to the UK from its homeland, New Zealand, and takes an interesting (and refreshingly honest) stance on organic and natural beauty. While their products are reportedly full of anti-oxidants and natural ingredients, they don't claim to be all natural or aim for organic certification. The emphasis is on creating products that work, rather than creating products which can fly the natural/organic banner, while still excluding petrochemicals, sulphates, artificial colouring, silicones and glycols. The packaging is pretty cute too.

I've been testing out samples of the Face Serum, Night Creme, Day Creme (Lite and Rich), and Eye Serum. As the sample pack I was sent contained pretty much everything you could need for your routine apart from makeup remover and exfoliator, I've been using the entire range in place of my usual products for two weeks. In the interests of brevity, I'm not going to go into in-depth reviews of each product, but talk about the range as a whole.

In general, the products are very light in texture, and begin sinking into the skin as you apply them; there's no need to massage them in at all. Despite this, only a small amount is needed to cover the whole face. Interestingly, each product smells different, and is differently coloured; indeed, some of the products don't smell or look particularly appealing. I suspect that this is because Snowberry only include ingredients that actually make a difference to the skin.

After two weeks, I can honestly say that my skin looks better than before. It is smoother, softer, more radiant, and more even in tone - I've even had a few compliments! I've not suffered from any extremes of oiliness or dryness in any of the usual patches on my face - the products seem to have normalised my skin. I'm very, very impressed with the results I've seen, particularly from the amount of product used; most of the samples contained 3ml or 4ml of product - a little goes a long way.

So far - so perfect. Now, of course, we have to discuss the price. For example, the Face Serum I tried costs £200 for 30ml, and the Night Creme costs £152 for 50ml. Hugely expensive, yes, even when you consider that 4ml of serum lasted me two weeks, so 30ml would probably last around four months. If I was fortune enough to have infinite pots of money, I would definitely repurchase, as the range has made a visible difference to my skin.. but with a normal salary, I think I'm going to have to pass.

If you have the cash, I'd recommend you give this brand a go. You can find the products at Harvey Nichols, where they range from £24 for the toner, to £200 for the Face Serum.


  1. I've never heard of this brand, which is weird because I live just across the ditch in Australia.

    The prices are insane O_O it better be effective if you're going to drop that much money on it!

  2. Yeah, the prices are very, very high end - I'm impressed enough that if £200 didn't seem like a huge amount to me, I'd probably invest in this. But it's not a wonder product; nothing is going to make you look young entirely on its own (apart from surgery!).


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