Monday, 22 February 2010

Review: NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil

Given my new found love of NYX lipstick, my last Cherry Culture order contained a few more NYX items to see whether any of their other products would cause me to fall in love. One of these products was their Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil, a creamy solid shadow stick which is available in 24 colours.

I purchased the Purple and Slate shades, swatches of which can be seen below. The colour is extremely smooth and creamy; it glides onto the skin and is easy to smudge and blend. Because it's so easy to blend, you can sheer the colour out to a pretty wash, or layer it up for a more intense finish.

The colours I tried were both rich and ever so slightly shimmery; not overly glittery, but a gentle, almost metallic pearl. The purple, in particular, really brings out the green in my eyes, and the deep grey Slate colour is a great base for a smoky, smudged eye.

Unfortunately, as with many cream products, this remains creamy and emollient on the lid, and doesn't dry down. I have oily eyelids, and I saw creasing within 5 minutes. Setting with a touch of powder eyeshadow didn't really make a huge amount of difference, probably because I had layered the colour up for a more intense result.

For me and my oily lids, the usages of this product are somewhat limited; it looks fabulous smudged into the upper and lower lashline, either for a bit of eye-enhancing colour (with the purple) or for a bit of smoke (with the slate). I won't be putting it anywhere near my crease again, though!

If you'd like to try these for yourself, you can get hold of them at, for just $3.00 each.


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  2. Thanks for your review! I recently bought a lot of NYX products and was planning to do a review of the jumbos too...The colors are so nice! BTW If you have oily lids you could try to put on an eyelid primer to avoid smudging and lining ;-) cheers!

  3. Ah, that is a shame... I had been eyeing these too (pun, arrgh) but if they crease on you I know they will crease on me. They're very pretty though. Have you tried them over a base?

  4. I generally find that if a cream based product like this creases this much on bare lids for me, it'll crease over a base too.

    So, I'm currently wearing the purple over UDPP (on one eye, very sexy), and it's creased just as badly. I'd avoid if you are oily-lidded.

  5. I adore using these as bases, but yeah I probably wouldnt be able to use them on their own. =/


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