Friday, 12 February 2010

Review: Mavala Red Diamond Nail Polish

Disclaimer: We received this polish free of charge from Mavala's PR agents

Mavala's Red Diamond polish is simply red glitter suspended in a clear base. The photo to the left shows four fairly thick coats applied, which gives a reasonable opacity. Once applied, this really has a beautiful glow about it - and it's not overly glittery from a distance, as the glitter particles are so small.

One of the problems that I think you get in layering this polish up to get an opaque effect is that the finish can become uneven. To the right, you can see a more close-up picture, and the coverage is a little patchy and sparse on the tips of the nails. Surprisingly though, this doesn't dry bumpy as many other glitter polishes do.

One thing I love about this polish is that the small sized bottle still has a full-size, usable brush, unlike the last mini OPI I tried out. This makes the smaller size just about perfect; I'm a bit fickle with polish and have never used a full size bottle of polish up, and I'm far more likely to deplete this size.

All in all, while I like the effect of this polish, I doubt I'll be wearing it layered like this again - I think it'd work better as a topcoat over a flat red, as you'd get all the beautiful glitter, and none of the visible patchiness.

If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can get Mavala polishes at chemists and online at Fero Beauty, where it will cost you £2.80 per bottle (bargain).

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