Friday, 12 February 2010

Review: L'Annine Hand and Body Cream

The recent cold weather we've been having is playing havoc with my hands. They can be dry at the best of times, but the cold snap, combined with my scratching and pulling at dry patches (something I do when stressed) has left them ultra-dry, ragged, and with a strange scaly patch down one finger. So, when a recent MakeupAlley swap turned up with a sample sachet of L'Annine hand and body cream, I ripped it open and gave it a go.

I'd not heard of L'Annine before, and having done some research, it seems that the brand is more widely available in the US. The cream, which comes in a variety of fragrances, claims to promote healing of the skin as well as providing effective moisturisation.

It's a fairly thick, heavy cream, and when I initially started rubbing a good dollop into my hands, I worried that I'd put on far too much, as it went white and completely coated my hands. However, a few more moments of rubbing in, and it was gone - for such a thick cream, it's very quickly absorbed. My hands were left coated, but in a non-sticky, non-offensive way - I was able to use keyboard and mouse immediately without transferring gunk all over them.

After several hours, my hands are definitely softer, and the strange scaly patch of skin on my finger barely feels different to the rest of my hands. Whilst I've washed my hands multiple times since application, my hands still feel moisturised and haven't started looking and feeling dry again.

Overall, I'm very impressed, and very pleased to have discovered this cream - while it's hard to find over here, it is available on eBay and on some US based webstores which will ship internationally. A 2.2oz tube will set you back about $16 - and I think I'll be ordering some soon, as no other cream I've tried this winter has been anywhere near as effective at moisturising my hands.

If you'd like to try it, it's available from and Not sure about international shipping from BeautyHabit, but Dermstore seem to charge around $20.

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