Thursday, 4 February 2010

Product trial: NV Perricone Cold Plasma

This product was given to us free for review purposes.

Wow... and I thought my Cool & Clear Elemental Herbology cleanser was a class act.

NV Perricone's Cold Plasma treatment retails at a cool £120 (or$195) for 30ml. That is, well, VERY EXPENSIVE.

What does it do to earn this sort of payment? Is it a whizz of a multi-tasker of a genius worth every penny? Or is it like one of those controversial bank fatcats hoovering up squillions of pounds for no apparent contribution beyond basically sitting there?

Well, according to NV Perricone's website, Cold Plasma tackles 10 signs of aging; elasticity, clarity, radiance, smoothness, texture, redness, blotchiness, fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, and firmness. (Radiance is a sign of aging? Well I guess they mean absence of radiance, firmness, etc.)

But basically in plain speaking, this product is claiming to improve your skintone, make skin more youthful, moisturise, and make wrinkles less obvious.

The key ingredients are apparently "advanced neuropeptide technology", DMAE, L-tyrosine, and DHA (the last two are amino acids).

I have a degree in Biology, and despite reading the press release several times I'm still not exactly sure what the mechanism at work here is supposed to be. I think that there is some kind of ion channel that carries the ingredients over the cell membrane of skin cells, and allows said ingredients to work on the cells from within. Sounds a little invasive to me.

I am not very old yet, nor very obviously aged-looking. I don't have much in the way of wrinkles at the moment. There is probably room for improvement in my skin though, and I think that a cream of this type could probably benefit me in terms of clarity/evenness of tone if it did all it claims to do.

I've worn this for a week now, which is not really enough time to let it do its thing. It's comfortable to put on, with a slightly watery, non-oily texture that sinks in well and is compatible with my regular moisturiser. (You cleanse before and moisturise after putting this on.)

My skin seems happy enough with it - I haven't noticed any dramatic changes in condition so far, and I definitely have no complaints about my skin.

BUT... this stuff has a decidedly strange smell. Get Lippie summed it up quite succinctly as "FISH!", but I think that's a little harsh. It's more like uncooked meat, the taste of blood, or maybe some kind of unusual savoury food. Definitely not a normal skincare product smell, and kind of "off" for want of a better word. I have smelled worse things you understand, but it's not exactly pleasant to have that smell so close to your nose in a product that, for the price, you'd hope would be a luxurious experience. My boyfriend doesn't like it much, and I don't feel great about going near him when I'm wearing this.

Even if it did make my skin look amazing, it also makes it smell funny. Which, you know, isn't a great trade-off.

I will keep this up to see if it has a noticeable effect. But I'll be sure to use a nice-smelling moisturiser over the top, because the smell of it is a definite fly in the ointment. Stay tuned...

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