Saturday, 13 February 2010

NOTD: Mavala Vitality polish

Disclosure: This polish was given to us free of charge for review purposes.

I am more than a little bit in love with this colour. It's the very palest, dustiest lilac, so nearly a pink, but with just enough blue tones to tip it into the more unusual and striking lilac/lavender/purple category. It's charming by itself, but when it's offset by grey, brown or black clothes (most of your typical boring "office clothes" colours in fact) it comes into its own even more.

Mavala polishes are small and highly collectable, and come in a huge range of shades and finishes. Vitality is one of their "Harmony" Spring Collection shades. (The website says Spring 2009, but as far as we know these are current shades. NB I am trying very hard to ignore the grammatical error in the banner.) It costs around £3.95 (depending on where you buy it), which isn't at all bad for a polish of this quality, even if it is a 5ml tiddler. These photos were taken on the third day of wear, and as you can see there's no chipping or damage whatsoever. (3 coats over Boots No. 7 So Smooth base, finished with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat.)

You can find Mavala at various chemists and department stores throughout the UK. I know for sure that there is a display of them in the pharmacy bit at Selfridges on Oxford St. Mavala's website have a handy postcode based stockist search too. And you can even recommend which stores you think should stock Mavala via their online feedback form.
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  1. Pretty :) I love colours like this, though I personally never wear them myself

  2. I thought it might look a bit "meh" and girly, but (as stated above) I utterly love it.

    Although how chapped and red do my hands look? For shame...


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