Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New MAC Pigment Jars

So, I looked at the MAC website recently and saw that the change in the pigment jar which has been hotly debated over in the US now seems to have made its way over here.

The new jar, pictured on the left, is labelled 4.5g, whereas the old jar was labelled 7.5g. As we all know, the density differences between pigments mean that you often get slightly more or less depending on the shade, but still, that's a fairly large drop in labelled weight with no corresponding drop in price.

Temptalia has done a useful comparison of the amount of pigment in the old vs new jar for the same colour, which includes lots of maths, and concludes that while the new jars do contain less, it's not a whole 3g less.

While I think it's a bit cheeky to decrease the size so noticeably without reducing the price, I'm not really all that fussed - I can't imagine ever getting to the bottom of a jar to miss the extra grams. What do you think?


  1. To be honest the whole thing has left a really sour taste in my mouth and made me feel less enthusiastic about Mac as a brand. While i probably would have never finished a pot myself if i would have liked to have the option! Also even if the drop in product had been less than o.25g i still think it's really off to continue paying the same price for less. It just doesn't seem very respectful to your customers.

  2. Agreed - not cool! Do they think we're stupid?

    In everyday use it's hard to get through a pigment, but I can imagine there are makeup artists who use pigments on larger areas of skin and who will really notice this change.

    If MAC need to cut costs, why not do the odd promotion once in a while? Or perhaps slow the rate of LE collections they fling out into the world? There seems to be one every week lately, and none of them are especially inspiring.

  3. frankly most of their pigment colours i can find elsewhere via indie mineral brands, or Inglot, or Illamasqua etc...MAC are no longer the be all and end all of intense pigment powders...and some of their pigments are lousy.. bitty and rubbish to apply.


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