Saturday, 13 February 2010


We're giving away two prizes to our readers - each is a collection of products, mostly from UK brands. The competition is open to both UK and international readers.

To enter, just leave us a comment below, telling us about your best/biggest/most enjoyable product haul. It could be half of Selfridges or just a couple of bits from Boots, just let us know what you bought and why it made you so happy.

We've also recently introduced Google Friend Connect on the blog, so if you think we're worth following, it would be great to see your name there on the list if you've entered.

The prizes will be allocated at random to two lucky entrants.

Prize 1:
Boots 17 Lip Glaze (Rising Star), Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara (black, waterproof), Cargo Plant Love lipstick (shade Lola), Barry M Dazzle Dust (shade 69), Boots Protect and Perfect serum (small sample size), MUD eyeshadow pan (Sienna)

Prize 2:
Cargo Oil Free foundation (shade F20, pale/warm), Boots 17 Lip Glaze (Remember Me), Barry M Lip Gloss (Shade 4), Boots 17 Eye Dazzle (shade All At Sea), MUD eyeshadow pan (Sienna), Barry M Nail Paint (shade 284)

The giveaway will close on Saturday February 27th at 12.00 midday GMT. Good luck everyone!
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  1. My favorites is when I got my HarajukuHunnies samples in the mail! I love ordering from independent cosmetic companies. Her products are beautiful & bright with a sparkle! I cant wait to get my tax return so I can order a huge load! The eyeshadows are called Sexpots & Quickies. :-) They are pigmented and blend beautifully! There are so many colors to choose from. I also am waiting to receive an order from Fyrinnae Cosmetics. I have heard great things bout their products. I love makeup. It is the one luxury that I allow myself to spent money on for me. The rest of my money is spent on my 2 young children. I would feel privileged to win a beauty giveaway! It would be a blessing. I have never had the pleasure before.

  2. My all time favourite haul was my Stila haul. I was really new to beauty blogging at the time and I read that Stila were having a sample sale to get rid of all their stock in the UK. I was pretty nervous going there because it was a "non sample sale-y" place. I say that becuase the other sample sale/warehouse sale I went to was a La Senza sale which was held in a tent..glamorous. Anyway, I went to the Stila sale thinking it would still be pretty expensive but I came back home with a lot of bargains, I got a quad for £4, pencils for £4, three smudgepots (two were £4 and one was £1!) and three or four lipglazes. I wanted to get some brushes but didn't take enough money.

    Anyway, this was my favourite haul of all time because I got some very nice (and now rare) makeup for a super cheap price and I LOVED all the items I got, that very rarely happens when you buy blind (i.e. are unable to swatch the products).

  3. My last Fyrinnae haul!

    Whenever I haul MAC or something expensive, I walk away holding the world's smallest bag and wonder where my £60 just went.

    My last Fyrinnae haul (if you saw the swatches) was massive, over 60 products, and it cost me around... £70? Something like that. And I don't have buyer's remorse about any of it, I love every single thing and I still want more... Swoon. I really love the brushes, too, and the face products I tried - love it all. It's so nice to be consistently impressed by a company every single time you shop there.

    I really liked my Body Shop haul, too. They had that crazy sale on I tweeted about, I spent about £20 and got a huge amount. 10 lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, all for £1-50p each, lovely Aqua Lilly stuff, new perfume, etc etc. With free delivery and a free mascara, that one was definitely fun, too.

  4. Mine actually was free - I did work experience at a women's shopping event and was allowed to take home a lot of the leftover goody bags and gifts. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. I took home 6 bags crammed full with stuff the first night, then probably grabbed about 6 more the second night.

    I picked up no less than 30 lipglosses and mascaras, and enough tampons and pads to last me through a zombie apocalypse. This was in August last year and I've not even made a dent in my goodies!

  5. My favourite haul was when my brother came back from Uk in december and he bought me like 300pounds worth makeup including korres,mac,barry m,chanel,bourjois,rimmel,ELF and so so many others. it was huge that i am still finding space to store it.xx
    i tweeted your giveaway as makeupdivaa
    check out my blog

    following you via google connect

  6. Mine was when i went shopping last week i bought rimmel lipstick ,masscara,professional lquid eyeliner and French Manicure ,also some makeup from palladio also lip gloss and blusher and finally from maxfactoe foundation

  7. Mine was from TKB Trading. For about £90 (actually £45 as i went halfsies with someone) i got:
    1 pound of lipstick base.
    17 1/2 fl. oz bottles of liquid lip colourants
    40 10 gram jars
    5 samples of glitter (these arrived in a brilliant set of stacker jars, which we were not billed for!)
    22 samples of mica
    3 samples of pigments
    and 1 planetary sampler, which contains 7 samples of colour-shifting mica.
    It made me really happy because not only did i get a lot of pretty mica i can just use as eyeshadow on it's own, but i got the ingredients to make my own lipstick of any colour i want!

  8. i have reviews on my blog :D tbhh i don't really what what a haul is exactly. LOLS! but my most enjoyable product that I've reviewed is Amie bright eyes make up remover. i love it. :P check out my review if you likes. It's worth around£5.00. i'm very happy with it because it's so easy to use.
    Thanks for having google connect! i found you ages ago and wondered why you and gemma didn't have google c. :)
    my email is:

  9. My favorite haul was from a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet). I fond so many awesome MAC products there that weren't available any more, including one of my favorite lipsticks that hadn't been avilable for 5 months! I also got lots of limited edition lip glosses and pigments. It was great, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning :) Thanks for your lovely giveaway, I follow you on Google Friend Connect now also.


    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  10. I don't really haul cosmetics but I was truly happy when I finally bought Illamasqua's Rich Liquid Foundation. It is really a great product!

    I already follow your blog!

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  11. Great blog ladies, I bookmarked it some time ago but this is my first comment here :) So first of all I'd like to say hello to you!

    As for the haul... I LOVE anything to do with nails; nail varnish, treatments, top and base coats, conditioners, crystal nail files, cuticle removers and oils, hand creams... you name it!
    I was extremely excited then to order a whole load of goodies from an American eBay seller. I got lots and lots of stuff by Orly, CND and NailTek, stocked up on Seche Vite (which I love but its price at Boots is waaay too high, considering the amount I go through).
    I placed the order and the wait commenced. Oh, sweet lord, I was like a dog - running to the door at the mere mention of a postman! Every noise behind the window would have me all excited ;) Finally after about two weeks I got my haul and, believe you me, it was worth the wait!

    That was a couple of months ago and I don't think I'll need to buy a nail treatment for another year... but then, is it all about the NEED?;)

    Keep up the good work ladies! The blog is only fab :)

    my email is olga dot gotkowska @ gmail dot com

  12. sorry i forgot to mention i am an international reader :)

  13. For some obscure reason, I tend to do small hauls often. I have never done a truly "large" haul.
    My best haul is my last one, where I found OPI Gargantuan Green Grape on sale for 5 Euros (from 14.90 euros, this is why I have only 2 OPIs in my nail polish stash) and a Sephora Maniac Liner in Creme Addict. I then wandered into MAC to finally buy Light Affair nail polish and lastly I bought Origins Out Smart daily SPF 25 from a pharmacy.
    I really loved this haul because I combined 2 out of 3 of my obsessions, nails, SPF and mascara (which I have 3 in rotation and am on a ban till I'm down to 1).
    I'm a follower too!
    e-mail kmelia13 at gmail dot com

  14. Really enjoying reading about all these happy experiences! Thanks for taking the time to write in and good luck everyone for next week.

  15. Hello!
    My favourite haul was my first MAC haul. I just bought some basic stuff... Tinted moisturizer, concealer and powder, but I love the products!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    I'm spreading the word in my blog =)

  16. Hi!
    Mine was when I finally found a nail polish that I wanted for so long ... it was very cheap but I've been looking for weeks and was a limited edition!


  17. aerolantern at gmail dot com

    My best haul wasn't my biggest but oh was best because I found the perfect makeup primer + I found a love for Sephora

    I bought
    CoverFX Makeup Primer (SkinPrep) and it works great! Not too greasy and don't need a lot

    Sephora Lipstick No 33 is the BEST lip product I have ever had. EVER. Don't tell me about Stila or anything else after this. I love the colour and the texture and no dried lips! Yay!

    I also bought some random mascara from Guerlain. They are pretty good. it seems like whatever I buy from them is quality.

    I wanted to try NARS Orgasm blush in the past but I 1 upped myself with Super Orgasm. I like it :)

  18. Well, my best hauls are when i shop online, is so much cheapper then in my country shops, ehehe!
    usually i get NYX, MAC and coastal scents, love them all!
    enter me in this giveaway please!i posted about it here:

  19. My best haul was the MAC Snob lipstick that I was dreaming some time...
    Great giveaway ! Enter me please!

  20. my haul would be morgana minerals since it's the latest one.... i don't think i'm ever satisfied though! i always think i need more and i didn't get enough :P

    daisypack at hotmail dot com

  21. I find it extremely hard to choose my best haul, but I think it has to be the first time I ordered nail polish online. Amongst other lovelies I ordered a bottle of Seche Vite and that changed my life (I now have a mostly-polish blog, for example ;-) ).


  22. Hello! :)

    My name is LĂșcia and my favorite purchase was the fond teint of NORMATEINT Vichy, is really fantastic for those with oil skin like mine. And it's fantastic, because it covers all imperfections! I am very pleased with it.

    I put an entry in my blog with your giveaway.


  23. Hi! I'm a new follower.

    I love my hauls at That website sure knows how to do a sale! :) Last Christmas, lots of past Stila sets that I loooove for 10-15€. <3

    The sets you put together are great. Thanks!

    My email is svlara(at)gmail(dot)com

  24. I've been a follower for a couple of days now but I didn't leave a comment yet, so this will be the first :)

    I’m a small haul kind of girl, so my favourite one so far is when I ordered something online for the first time, the coastal scents 88 eye shadow palette :) It made me happy because it’s not very expensive but it has so many colours you can experiment with. I love playing around with the eye shadows~ each time I open it and see all those colours I get happy!


  25. I'm not usually a 'haul' kinda girl, but when I moved over to the UK and was let loose in both B Never stores in London I went a little nuts. I refused to look at the receipts but I'm pretty sure I spent more than 200 pounds. That's about $450 - $500 NZD. My boyfriend wasn't that impressed but I love what I bought and since the stores have now closed I'm very glad I got everything I wanted. They have a 50% off sale on their website to get rid of the leftovers and I'm trying so hard not to buy anything! I would love to get some more of their lip glosses *wistful sigh*

  26. The most enjoyable product haul was from a drugstore.. They had a bunch of stuff at 50% and 75% off! I couldn't let that offer go, so I bought a couple of lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, and nail polishes that I've been lemming.. I bought so much stuff, but the great part is that I onoy spent a little over $20! it was amazing! They should do that more often! Oh how I love drugstore sales! ^_^

    -Cheska S. ( @Chiyu09 on Twitter
    -Cheska S. ( ) @Chiyu09 on Twitter

  27. My fave hauls are always from Lush, i get so excited every time i go, and i always end up buying so much. It makes me so happy :)

    Enter me please x x

  28. Enter me please! My favourite haul was when I first started getting into makeup and MAC, and I bought a 15 pan palette and loads of eyeshadows to go in it, still love them all!

  29. I loved my Milani ebay haul. I bought the e/s for $1.50 US each!!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

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