Sunday, 7 February 2010

FOTD: MUD eyeshadow moss/gold gradient look

Disclosure: These products were given to us to test free of charge by MUD cosmetics.

Here's the result of my first experiement with the MUD (Makeup Designory) palette and brushes I received at IMATS.

I don't normally go for looks this dramatic, but as I am off work for a few days I had some spare time to dedicate to my "art" (heh).

After gazing rapt at the array of shades in the palette for a while, I picked out the ones that most appealed to me - Smoked Sapphire (matte navy), Tea Tree (low-shimmer cool bottle green/teal), Spanish Gold (bronze), Moss (pretty much typical moss shade) and Pixie (lovely duochrome peach/pink).

I applied them from the inner corner outwards using the MUD 350 brush, blending as I went with theMUD 330 brush. I should note at this point that these are outstanding brushes, possibly the best I've ever used. They are soft in texture but have enough firmness to give you plenty of control over where you are placing your colours.

The colours were applied over a layer of UDPP, and finished with a coat of "Famous" by Sue Loxley glitter liner (I believe this is now discontinued, but you may still find it at Superdrug). The mascara is Maybelline Full'n'Soft.

As Gemma has noted, these are soft textured and highly pigmented shadows. They crumble slightly when brush is applied to pan, so best to be careful when loading up. The application is smooth, and the delivery of colour is excellent - true-to-pan shades are easily achieved, even with the matte shades (a rare achievement!).

I shall be treasuring these valuable tools - both the shadows and brushes are a pleasure to use and deliver great results.

I realise I've been extremely inconsiderate to my fellow Brits in creating a look with things that are almost exclusively unavailable in the UK - I'm very sorry! You can purchase the eye colours and brushes from MUD (Makeup Designory) with modest-ish international shipping rates. The refill pans cost 10.00USD each, and the palette 17.50USD. (NB these pans will also fit into MAC and e.l.f palettes, though you will need to attach your own magnet to the pan.) The 330 brush is 24.00USD, the 350 21.50USD.

MUD told us that they are currently considering a UK launch, but there are no firm dates in the calendar at present. If you're not up for taking the purchase-plunge sight unswatched, you could also explore the brand via their YouTube channel, which has some very thorough tutorials.

Below are a few more gratuitous shots of my handiwork.


  1. Looks great, I am really kicking myself for not picking up any MUD when I was at IMATS, it looked great.

  2. Thank you! This was actually quite easy to do - it's like the brushes did all the work for me. Do recommend getting some of these products if you can.

  3. I like this, alot.

    It's sort of Peacock themed! xx

  4. Beautiful! So far most of my MUD looks have been neutral, but I'm highly tempted to try this combination :)

  5. Your eyes look amazing the colours are amazuing Great look


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