Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Brand Focus: Make-Up Designory

Amongst all the talks and shopping opportunities, another part of the London IMATS experience was the chance to experience some lesser known brands. Make-up Designory is a brand that I'd heard of, but knew very little about, so we were excited to talk to them to get a feel for what they do.

The Make-up Designory cosmetics line is an offshoot of a pair of very successful makeup schools over in the US; one campus in L.A., and one in New York. Founded in 1997, MUD schools teach makeup techniques for fashion, retail, theatre and film, including character makeup, to students from both the US and abroad.

All of that teaching experience has been utilised for the development of the makeup line, we were told. Products are developed in the classroom, and balance high levels of pigment with easy to blend textures; we got the distinct impression that this sense of balance was the most important principle behind the makeup. "High pigment" has become synonymous with "high quality" nowadays, and MUD seemed keen to emphasise that they prefer not to use such high levels of pigment that products become difficult to work with.

Later this week we'll be reviewing a selection of MUD eyeshadows and brushes which we were given as samples, to see whether they match up to the high performance, professional image of this destination makeup school. Watch this space!

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