Thursday, 21 January 2010

TransDesign: Wonderfully Inexpensive Polish

A MakeupAlley contact of mine recently told me about Trans Design Inc, a US-based website who stock a wide range of nail polishes and other associated nail care products, including those aimed at professionals. I found that, unusually, their international shipping is quite good value, with a box capable of holding 9 full size polishes shipping via USPS for $18.

The polish prices are also pretty fantastic: the latest collection from OPI, the Alice in Wonderland collection, are $4.99 each. Yes, $4.99. Given that I've seen these on eBay for about £12 already, that's a very good deal. As well as the latest releases, Trans Design also have a good back catalogue of permanent line and older collection shades.

Trans Design carry OPI, Amour, China Glaze, Creative, Essie, Kolor Ring, Misa, New York, Nicole by OPI, Orly, and Sation polishes - and a wide range of treatment products too. This is quite exciting as some of these brands, which are not widely known in the UK - Misa in particular - are ones I've heard great things about from our US cousins. If you do end up using them - let us know whether the service is as fantastic as the prices!


  1. I'm a US reader (although I am a brit - I've only been here a year!), and I love transdesign. I make an order about once a month, and the shipping is cheap and fast, and the prices are fantastic. The only thing is that you need to check nail blogs for swatches as their color charts are horrible.

  2. Yeah, I did notice that their colour swatches seem to be just blobs of colour instead of actual polish swatches. Good to know the shipping is fast... suspect I'll be placing an order soon!

  3. Hi guys :)

    How much do you have to pay for customs tax when delivered to europe?

  4. Hello! It generally depends on the value marked on the parcel. There's a limit, which is £18 when buying from a company, or £40 for gifts - any more than those thresholds and the person receiving the package has to pay import VAT on the value, plus £9 for Royal Mail to handle it. So beware, potential savings could be wiped out unless you're careful!

  5. hello, do you know how much they charge for shipping to the uk?

  6. Hi just thought I would add to this.
    I have just ordered $240 of Ezflow products from Trandesign. They are very helpful. However after contacting Nails & co regarding doing a conversion course with them, they are refusing to take me using products purchased from the US!? They have said that products are usually inferior and as with all popular sought after products on occasions companies 'copy' them! In order to do the conversion course I have to purchase products from them or graftons!! Has anyone else encountered this? Also are the products inferior? I have read nothing but praise from customers of Trandesign and am quite baffled.
    The package is in transit so will let you know regarding import costs when it arrives.

  7. Hey Everyone, recently I've been hooked on nail polishes (oh no! XD lol) and I've been contemplating purchasing nail polishes online for a less expensive price than you would find in stores. I've been looking into TransDesign and 8ty8beauty and so far this is the impression I (personally) got: From what a lot of of other reviewers said from their own personal experiences with these two is that it's a hit or miss thing. Some people got excellent shipping times while for others it was slow, some had their items arrive in mint condition while for a few their polishes arrived broken (it's a risk anyone takes when ordering online). And from what I've heard on both sites is that they have bad customer service (like not answering emails,phone calls or if they do they are rude or vague about some details, very unprofessional that sort of stuff). So ya this is what I've heard, though there have been some very satisfied customers as well so I guess it's up to you to take a chance.


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